Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010 - and 2011 News!

I know it's already Jan. 2nd now so this isn't on the very first day of January!

A quick look back at 2010
January, start the year off! I don't recall anything big happening.
Our son turned 2 on Feb 1st!
Mid March I got a horrible stomach virus(ew hehe).
In late March we headed to India for a family visit.
April, half spent in India. Came home and had to adjust back to life.

May, hmm?
June err I don't know. Oh, we bought tickets for the cruise!

July - visited Alabama for 4th of July.

August...took Kavi to Downtown Disney for the first time!!

September, our 6th wedding anniversary and at the end of the month the cruise! I loved it.

October, finished the cruise and then my birthday came at the and of the month. Good times!

November...a lovely month. Holiday feelings start! We went to Alabama for Thanksgiving and I stayed 2 weeks afterward.

December, half in Alabama half here. It went by fast!! I miss December already. :(

Looking ahead to the rest of 2011:

After our last trip to India, we decided that me and my son would not go on the next trip. But we just decided a couple days ago that we are all going again and in mid February! That's like a month and a half away from today!! Eeks. We haven't bought tickets yet but will soon. I am excited but also anxious. It's just a really hard journey and the whole trip is very trying in certain ways. People might imagine this exotic tourist kind of trip, but when you are visiting family it's not like that. Our cultures are very different, expectations are different. I get along with my in laws but there are things that I really have to adapt to while there. I am praying that this year's trip is easier than last year and that Kavi will adjust well.

Kavi will turn 3 years old Feb 1st! WOW.

We are still in the midst of an insurance claim with our home owner's insurance for sinkhole issues. It's been going on since October of 2007 and it's about time it finishes up. They have done work on our house, pumped concrete grout under our house, we got a lawyer, we have had to do so many things, etc. We want nothing more than to be done with it, and we thought it would be over by now. So let's hope this year sees closure with that. This area is sinkhole prone unfortunately, our story is not even uncommon around here. It's unbelievable and frustrating since our house is worth half of what we bought it for in 2006 even without the sinkhole problem. So our house is worth crap. This is something I don't really talk about but it's a very ongoing issue. Thankfully we can afford all our bills so we aren't struggling, it's just crazy to know how we owe a lot more than our house is worth.

The rest of the year is so far uncertain but I pray that good things come along!


Angela said...

Wow! sounds like lots of travel last year and more to come this year! I wish you well with the trip to India and the issues with the house :(

Nen said...

you made 2010 sound like it went by in a blur! i guess it kind of did though!!

i can't believe kavi is going to be 3 already! perhaps my baby will share his birthday... however, i'm hoping it comes earlier... i am READY! (well, ready to be done being pregnant anyways!)

Beka said...

Ah, yeah house problems like that suck. Friends of ours had a problem like that.... gosh, all the investing!! :\
Happy new year, dear! I've got a lot to catch up on!!