Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I got a Kindle Fire last week! My dad bought it for me because he just wanted to do it. He had bought my sister a new phone(which is awesome) and asked if I'd want a new phone or a Kindle Fire. I picked the Kindle for various reasons! I do have a smartphone already and it works fine. It sometimes freezes though. But I just knew I wanted the Kindle! I thought about getting one for Christmas but that's still so far away. My dad (and mom) are the bestest! It's a treat for us and for them, because they didn't always have a lot of extra money in life. I guess that's one reason he wanted to do it.

So far I have only downloaded FREE things! I might make my first purchase soon, but I am being frugal about it. I  also plan to use the local library for some e-book check outs.

Oh-our basement is done and we are working on filling the space! It's be exciting. I will have to take nicer pictures...I rarely get out the real camera anymore!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 1. green, 2. Green door, 3. my new green shoes, 4. Green Mountains, 5. Industrial Green StackBin Metal Storage Container Set, 6. blue mist

I bought a shirt just like this one, but doesn't have a tie around the waist, on clearance at Target for $5.98! Hence the green post.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The purse

The mustardy purse that prompted my mustard post yesterday!
 I still have to transfer my stuff into it. I was using a tiny purse that I could wear easily across my body for convenience, but I was ready to have a funky purse on my shoulder again! And I like big purses. Not that I have so much to carry anymore compared to when Kavi was a baby, but still, I like them. It was $8 at Goodwill. If it was used, I'd be like HUH no way. But since it was in the new section with lots of Target leftovers, I was good with the price! (This purse was from Target too) I have gotten brand new curtains at the same place months ago. It's nice to stop there every so often to see what I can find!