Monday, January 10, 2011

Inspiration on a stormy day

It's raining here today and will be in the mid 70's for a high. Meanwhile my family in AL got snow last night and took beautiful pictures! But here in Florida, it's just rain. I enjoyed my coffee even more this morning to get myself awake feeling. It is darker than usual because of the rain.

I looked on and found some "sets" to share today. There are some very talented people there, with the way they put things together! My sets are usually simple since I don't like to spend a lot of time on them.

All the sets today were made by the same talented person.

I'll start with one that has umbrellas in it:

If you are somewhere with snow instead of rain:

And this one is just very charming, even if it was probably meant for Fall:

(I'm unable to center them for some reason!)

I started a new exercise thing that I will write about tomorrow!


Fallon said...

These are great! I have tried my hand at making a collage. I just don't have the patience! They are nice to look at at least =)

ps. I always enjoy yours!

Beka said...

ah, the fall one is really charming!!
sigh. it's so cold here.
pretty sweet collages!