Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Refocus on Creativity

CREATE collage art print

Sometimes I struggle with switching back and forth between making jewelry and then making pillows. Yet I am not willing to give up either! I have thought about it before. Sometimes my jewelry sales are not great so I have considered closing that shop eventually. But then I will get a burst of sales and I change my mind. Right now, sales are very slow in both shops. But maybe it will change soon!

It's time I make some new pillows. I have a lot of ideas, templates drawn, but none made yet. I have a lot of fabric I bought months ago to make into pillow covers. I really should make those!

So I hope today is a creative day. I drew some outlines for felt pieces to cut out to put onto pillows. Kavi was painting in one of his coloring books. So it's looking like a good day so far.

Sometimes days are hard, socially. I went from a whole month of activity and being around family members to having almost nothing to do now. I have some friends around here but making plans is not as easy as you'd think it would be. One of us isn't available on a certain day, or last minute things come up, or the weather is bad for going to the park, etc. So, I get socially lonely during the day. I am glad to have this blog and to read others' blogs too. It helps! I am not trying to sound like a downer but just being realistic. I like having a social life, and it's usually lacking. I feel like who I am is just never going to be content with a lacking social life.

So I have to stay focused on positive things like the fact that my life is very blessed in other ways. I have a wonderful family, and a stable life. And I need to put my energy into creating things not just for trying to sell but for friends, myself and our house, too. It always feels good to make something new!


Stunning- said...

The lull after the Holidays is always hard. It's nice to have space for a few days - but then you start to miss all the activity.

Invite some of those friends over and have a craft tutorial night - I'm sure they wouldn't mind giving you a few dollars for a night of creativity!

Happy creating friend!

Beka said...

Sweet print...and yes, most of my friends live out of state, so we're all kind of in a lockdown of not enough social activity. LOL.

Angela said...

I know how you feel! After being around so many people at the restaurant all day everyday, I have had culture shock being home alone and quiet all day. You have the right idea though - just put all of that energy into creating!!

thestoryofkat said...

wanted to be sure i caught up and commented on this!

i can relate so much to what you are saying...i go back and forth about my shops, worry and make all kind of new plans that i can never seem to keep up with. i'm happy to be at home with a flexible schedule and making beautiful things but sometimes it's just LONELY! i'm so glad that i at least have my blog "coworkers" like you guys that i can relate to!

Nen said...

my shop was so slow... i just gave up for awhile. maybe i'll start it up again one day!

i don't have much of a social life since i married and moved... so i know what you mean. except i don't even have anyone to call to *try* to make plans! i am usually stuck with the cat and dog for company during the day. it gets pretty lonely!! i'm praying for more fellowship with some ladies my age!