Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday Pillows

Before the little craft fair two weeks ago, I made a few new pillows including holiday pillows. I sold a new Christmas pillow at the fair(thankfully) so I don't have a picture of it. It was cute!

In the pictures below, the striped bird and cardinal pillows I already had made awhile ago. The snowman pillow actually sold, a day after I listed it, just a few days ago! I was surprised because it is more of a traditional looking Christmas pillow, less "funky", but it sold! I have more of that fabric I think. I really need to be making so many more pillows. But I just haven't made any pillows since the rush before the craft fair.

I added a pillow "brooch" to the striped bird pillow to make it work for Christmas.

Oh, I finally got ink for my printer! I did get some on ebay for 10.95 including shipping, and the ink works fine!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Thursday: Inspiration

Inspiration from flickr photos of people's vintage booths/displays. Click pictures for more info!

Stratford Antique Warehouse booth 446 mid-July

006Stratford Antique Warehouse booth 446 mid-July

Vintage Show Booth Display Doors

Sparker Shop Booth

Market Day booth display

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My birthday was very nice. We went out to eat for dinner as planned at Carrabba's. I had delicious food and we ate dessert called "Chocolate Dream". It is very dreamy!

Today I used some birthday money to go to Old Navy and buy myself a new pair of jeans - Skinny jeans! They aren't as fitted as jeggings/leggings. They fit nicely, the "sweetheart" line of jeans there. I already had those in straight leg/boot cut. I don't feel skinny in the jeans though. And I am bummed out I didn't reach my losing weight goals before turning 30. I guess now I just need to accomplish my goals while being 30. I'm tired of wanting to edit out my arms in pictures that I don't like. Or only liking certain angles. I'd like to take full outfit pictures to post here once in awhile but I never like any enough to share!

I got another Etsy bday gift in the mail today, from a friend who sent the tea towel. It's a cute, ceramic, owl tea bag holder in Khaki. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Etsy birthday presents!

I'm a real, live 30 year old today! So far it feels good. :) I have received many sweet birthday wishes on facebook and elsewhere.

Tonight after my husband gets home from work we are going out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - Carrabba's.

I love getting/giving Etsy gifts for holidays and am blessed that my mom, sister and some friends really like Etsy too so they want to buy from there. So far I have gotten three Etsy gifts from my favorites list. I hear more are coming! That's so nice.

My husband gave me money to spend, a bouquet of daisies and a card but to add something personal he picked something I had on my Etsy favorites. My favorites list is longer than it used to be so I hinted that I always love soap/bath related things on my list since I don't often buy them for myself, to help him easily narrow it down haha. He picked a good one! Brown sugar spice - sugar polishing cubes from beaconcreations:
They smell soooo good, can't wait to use them! I thought he might have gotten me soap because I happened to get the mail the day it came in and it felt kinda like a soap package! But I was even happier when I saw it was actually the sugar scrub. He let me open it last night. :P

My sister and a friend asked about things I wanted from Etsy. And like I said my favorites list has gotten longer (and more confusing) to pick from so I sent links for a bunch of items that I really liked the most.

This was one of them! I am soo happy I actually got this, my good friend Rachel had it sent. You may have seen Leah Duncan's shop already but if you haven't, check it out!
This is a tea towel! It's really big! I loved the print on it. And I might actually frame it for living room decor. :) I don't want to wipe anything kitchen related on it! I had even used it as inspiration in a treasury a little awhile ago here. I just knew I had to have it. I also read the artist's blog freshlychopped.

Also I mentioned to my sister I like earrings with the color black on them, since I was lacking that, and liked the crocheted look. These were on my favorites list too! I got them last Saturday and wore them to the concert. :)
earrings from yvoCrochet :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Last day in my twenties...

Yes today is the last day my age will start with a 2! I will spend the day as a 29 year old. Tomorrow I turn the big 3-0. I have mixed feelings. I don't see 30 as old but I guess I just can't believe I will be 30. 30 is a nice sounding age.

A quote that sums up how I will be feeling tomorrow, from C.S. Lewis(my favorite author!):

"Thirty was so strange for me. I've really had to come to terms with the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult."

My sister shared that quote with me again yesterday. I had read it not long ago while looking through other quotes from him.

The concert on Saturday was really fun and really relaxing all at the same time. We took our son and one of my good friends came along. Everyone enjoyed it, even Kavi! It made me like Jars of Clay even more. I hadn't listened to them for a few years gap of time so I am also catching up on the songs I missed out on!

It was hard to get good pictures, but here are two to give you an idea:

Before the concert started, as everyone was finding seats and getting ready for it.

Jars of Clay

Can I just share some eye candy now? Since I usually post fashion or decor inspiration on Mondays. I still wanted to add it in.

Also with turning thirty I wonder, am I supposed to dress a little different or can I just be the same? haha What a funny thing to think about. I know I can be the same, but it's that weird feeling of entering a new decade that makes you re-evaluate things about yourself. I haven't even gotten my skinny jeans yet. I assume skinny jeans on a 30 year old is acceptable? They better be!
I will partake of that trend, just you wait and see.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Scatter brained

Today I feel very scatter brained! It's mostly for good reasons.

I sold more jewelry on Etsy yesterday but I ran out of small, padded envelopes to mail them in. I need to go buy some. I also ran out of printer ink a couple weeks ago and have been avoiding buying it because it's feels like so much money to spend on ink. I need to order some off of ebay instead of going to the store for it. But that means I have been using stamps or need to to go the post office to mail Etsy things instead of printing it at home and sticking it right in my mailbox. So much more convenient to print at home!

These earrings have been selling well:

I only had 2 pair of black and 2 pair of white and they are sold. I have sold 6 pairs of the minty roses but I have a couple more left. Today I had to order more of these supplies.

There is also a messy house around me and dirty laundry. But I ran out of laundry detergent. And I feel tired out and don't feel like getting myself and Kavi all the way ready to go to stores. I need to just go by myself later after my husband gets home from work so I can get it done faster.

The weekend ahead is going to be very fun! My birthday is Tuesday and as part of my bday present my parents gave me money(along with the new cute boots) to go to a concert. I heard of this concert not long ago and thought "oh, I wanna go!!". I haven't been to a "real" concert in many years now. I used to go to little concerts all the time with occasional big ones. But not much since getting married. So I am excited! We are seeing Jars of Clay. If you want to hear what they sound like, here is just one example of newer stuff from them:

And there are various fall things to do if we want to this weekend. There is a corn maze in a town not far very away. There is also a little carnival going on 10 minutes away that comes every year at this time. They also have music and food there.

I am not used to having so many plans in a short amount of time these days!

So like I said, it's mostly for good reasons that I feel scatter brained!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vintage Thurs: Black & Carpet Bags

1. 50's Black Dress $40.00; 2. Needlepoint Locket $38.00; 3. Black Leather Mary Janes size 10 $17.00!

I saw this black dress and loved the look of it along with the hair and makeup of the model - plus the cool old car in the background! An awesome photo that captures the retro/vintage era. Pair it with black mary jane heels. These ones are size 10 for us big footers! :P

Then one thing led to another and I ended up looking at tapestry/carpet bags and thought of Mary Poppins. And doesn't the above girl in the black dress look like a more edgy version of Mary Poppins? So I put the needlepoint/tapestry looking locket in the outfit above to kind of start the theme! Mary Poppins was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and I still love that movie. I loved when she took out a lamp and other big things from her carpet bag. I wanted it to be real, I wanted a real bag like that! I found some bags that hint to that idea.

1.Vintage needlepoint clutch $20.00; 2. 60's floral carpet bag $24.00; 3. Multicolored Large Carpet Bag $38.00

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog designing

Since I recently redid some things on the blog, I wanted to share where I got the ideas from/how you do it.

I got the picture frames background from here, in the 3 column section:

You can browse and click on them to see a larger version.

All you have to do to use one is click "install background" next to one that you like, then copy all the html code. A fast way to select all the info in one box is to hold down ctrl and press A to select all, then press ctrl C to copy it all. You may think that sounds complicated but once you get the hang of it, it saves you a LOT of hassle with copy/pasting and such. To paste what you copied, hold down ctrl and then V.

ctrl A = Select all
crtl C = Copy
ctrl V = Paste
ctrl Z = Undo
ctrl Y = Redo

Let's say you are typing a paragraph and you accidentally hit the wrong keys and your paragraph is deleted!! That's happened to me. Try holding down ctrl and pressing Z and it should undo the accidental delete.

Once you have your html copied, go into your blog design/layout settings and click "add a gadget". When a new window opens for that, click the + next to "html/Javascript". Then paste your copied html from shabbyblogs into that new box, click save...and your blog should then have the background.

I got the typewriter I used from here, in the freebies section:

I then used to add text on the typewriter. Then I thought of making the picture have a larger white border on one side, using the old school paint program from windows. (on your computer you go to start menu, click programs, accessories, then paint) Then I opened the photo back up in and added the other words. Might sound complicated but once you try it, it's not too bad!

You simply upload your created photo into the layout settings of your blog, in the header section.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Little Boy

I am proud of my little boy! We started potty training for real on September 13th. We had his "music playing potty" since he turned 2 years old last February, but he wasn't really into it besides using it as a step stool(it's made for that too!) or just sitting on it, with no potty action.

Now, a month and a week after starting, he is fully daytime potty trained! I guess because he was a little over 2 1/2 years old when we started, which some think is late and some think is early(I say, who cares) he had a better ability to tell us when he needed to go than if he was a lot younger. But every kid is different. He had some anxiety with going #2 on the potty for the first 2 weeks or so. It faded on the cruise somehow. He started getting used to going #2 on an adult potty. So now he can go anywhere! Home, stores, friends' houses. He hasn't had an accident in a couple weeks now. As for overnight, I am not expecting that to be conquered anytime soon. Although his diaper is dry in the morning more than 50% of the time. His brain is remembering the process of holding it in, even while asleep. But it takes a lot longer I hear.

I recently bought some items for decorating more in his room. I still want to paint the walls. We'll see. To be honest, he doesn't even sleep in there most of the time. I want it to be cuter so he will want to be in there more.

He sleeps in his crib in our room, a lot. He can sleep on a twin bed, he has many times before, but he wouldn't sleep through the night. We tried that for awhile. He sleeps better in his crib still. But soon we will rearrange all of that. It's convenient for when my family members visit. They sleep in his room, he sleeps in ours. Did you know that in Indian culture, children usually sleep in the same bed or room as their parents for years before moving to their own room?(if they get their own room at all)

So it seems like we are mixing that in to the usual American way. Kavi has rarely slept all night in his room alone. Sometimes that is frustrating, but I am sure things will progress naturally. His room will have to become more his room. It already has cute kid stuff in there, but not as much as I'd like.

Back to the decor...
We got a red shelf from Ikea ($5.99 shelf + 1.00 for two brackets), I also got a big red frame(1.99), and then I bought a letter K (vintage) from Angela's awesome vintage shop Ginger's Girl. Last Saturday at the craft fair, my mom bought a pirate ship bird house! And she let Kavi have it to add to his new shelf.

So we kind of have a mixed decor theme! haha A ship, and robots, and other animals. Who says you can't like all of them in the room at the same time? I even found some pirate robot items on Etsy, how perfect. I haven't bought them, just eyeing them.

Currently on the new shelf, to be probably rearranged:

I was looking for art on Etsy to add to his new red frame. The thing is, it can fit a letter size paper in it, so it's not really made for an 8x10. I also had the idea after looking around Etsy, for pages from old childrens' books to be in the frame. Or vintage school posters. One in Hindi(my husband's language from India) would be perfect to add to the mix.

Otherwise, things like these could work:
printable PDF counting chart $5

Cute Fox and His Boy print $12.00

Oooh just found this:
Reading a book print $20

Robot print $20

But, I don't really want to spend $20....hmmm. I will first look for other options. I should check out thrift stores for old kids' books.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fashion Inspiration

Just a mix of things!

1. all tied up., 2. 09.16.10, 3. 269/365, 4. Wardrobe - 001 - 8.30.2010, 5. the secret garden, 6. [September 29, 2009], 7. anthropologie, 8. 100510_1, 9. F&R

So, I got boots last Friday! Something I wanted to have for Fall/Winter even though I am in Florida. I am not sure if I have owned boots before. I can't remember if I had any form of boot when I was a kid. Last year I had admired some boots at Target for awhile but trying them on was such a hassle that I gave up.

This year they have similar boots again. I am not sure if they made them a little different this because I got some onto my feet! I did have to go up one size, which means giant foot size 11. I wear size 10, or so I thought. At Target and Old Navy I always have to get an 11. Like I said, big feet! ugh. It makes finding cute shoes that fit a real job.

My parents were here and we all went to Target together and they bought these for me as part of an early birthday present. (B-day not until Oct 26, I'll be 30!! ah!)

Now I just need it to not be in the 80's outside so I can wear them without sweating. But that might be asking too much of Florida. But I will wear these out, sometime soon.

Oh, I forgot to say...I assume some might notice the blog looking different! I hope it looks good to you all. I wanted to make it less flowery but still have a vintage lover's look.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Good & The Bad

Today was the craft fair! I have good and bad to share.

The Good:
It was my first experience doing one! I am now more prepared for future fairs.
Having a nice time with my mom and friend Nancy.
The weather was good!
I did sell some things!
I bought a wooden jelly cabinet sold by another vendor.

The Bad:
It was 90%(or more??) retirees. Florida retirees. A demographic not very interested in my kind of items.
I only sold a few things.
The amount of $ I made did not really make up the hours spent preparing.

But now if I do another craft fair, a lot of my ideas will already exist and it will take a lot less time getting ready. So I learned a lot in that way! So it was good and bad at the same time. :)

Setting up the table and also a bench with my pillows was fun.

So here is the general idea for set up while at home the past couple days:
And this is how it all looked today:

Our friend Nancy, who was there selling next to me, let me borrow this pretty bench from her house to display my pillows on. :) My mom helped me a lot. She made the little flag banners for me last night with paper, stencils, and a marker. She let me use something for displaying earrings too.

It was a good day overall, despite not many customers. Next time, I'd like to find a fair with younger attendees. :P

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have so much I have wanted to write about, but when I get ready to start a post, my motivation would disappear. I am still getting over being sick, but tonight I feel a big improvement thank God! Thanks for the well wishes. :)

I wanted to share about decor things and plans for my son's room again. Then I wanted to do the usual Vintage Thursday that I love doing. But the idea of copy/pasting pictures or uploading them and putting links on them made my already fuzzy head feel even more fuzzy.

So it's just writing today, no pictures!

I have been doing so much to prepare for the craft fair that's on Saturday. I still need to finish seams on a couple more pillows. My parents are here which is a big help. My mom has been helping me figure out the display ideas. I will definitely take pictures! Now I am just hoping I sell things! The big fear of not selling one single item has crossed my mind from time to time! (haha) I guess it's the first craft show jitters, right? But I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Giveaway Winner!


It's time to announce the winner of the improv, surprise giveaway!

To pick a winner, I wrote down the names of who entered on small pieces of paper and double folded them. I put them in a little bowl and then turned my head while mixing them up.
After mixing a few times I quickly picked one randomly.

Congratulations to Melissa of Oh, My Darling!

You are the winner! :)

I have your email address so I will send you an email as well.

I have the sniffles. Runny nose, sore throat, tired. I wanted to talk about more today but I think I will keep it on hold until tomorrow. Hopefully I will feel more energetic by then! I have a lot of craft fair prep to do too. I am probably over thinking it since it's my first one, but I want it to be good!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Anthropologie inspiration (again)

Anthropologie catalogs are always so beautifully shot! They are always good for fashion and home decor inspiration.

The clothing is priced much higher than I am willing to spend, but they definitely sell some awesome pieces to admire.

Here are some shots/outfits from the last few catalogs that I think are so pretty.

I don't live up to my own expectations for fashion for myself, and I'd like to more often! I know what I wear is not of extreme importance in daily life, especially since I don't have an office job I go to where I have to dress a certain way. And being a mom is a job where I can wear jeans every day, but I still like fashion.

I know newer mothers may evoke various images. Spit up stains on shoulders, crazy hair, yoga/stretchy pants out everywhere. Well in the very beginning, those things are hard to avoid at times as a new mom! But I generally like to wear something that I feel better in when I go out and about. Since I don't have reasons at home to wear cute things all the time, I like being able to not feel too "shlumpy" when I go out even to the store. And that's why I like looking at these kinds of things for inspiration. It's fun!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Craft Fair Prep

I had hardly done any preparations or new items for my first craft fair which is coming this Sat (Oct 16). Until today...finally!

My table was beginning to look a lot like Christmas as I laid out fabrics and Christmas pillow ideas.After a little while, I had four new pillows laid out. I need to iron and then sew up. I then moved on to putting together a couple more fall-ish pillows too.

I laid out all the pillows I already had to see what they all looked like together, and how to set them up for the craft fair. (These don't include any of the new pillows I started today, of course.)

I also started working on more earrings, like these, in all different colors:

I still have to figure out how I am going to display certain things. My parents will be here during that weekend so I know my mom will help me figure out last minute display ideas. She's creative!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cruise Part 2

So we reached Cozumel last Saturday October 2nd after a really nice time at sea. The weather was perfect. Hot enough to want to swim, but in the shade the breezes were so nice you didn't feel hot at all. It's hard to capture the water's color with a camera.

As I expected, this port area is completely catered to tourists. I didn't feel like I was in a really different place. We got a taxi down near the road below after passing the shop areas in the picture above.
It was easy to get a taxi. If you happen to go there and need a taxi, just ask the price before you get into the taxi. There is no running meter, there are set amounts depending on where you are going. For up to 4 people it was $10, for us it was $13 since my son made five, though sat on a lap.
After a ten minute drive we were at Chankanaab National Park.
We walked around some trails before going to the beach. We saw their pretty lagoon area.
We saw two iguanas while walking around. The trails were pretty well shaded and very tropical looking. We saw replicas of Mayan ruins too. The beach area was beautiful and relaxing. The water in shades from light aqua to dark turquoise. And not crowded there!
First I snorkeled with my sister Jenny and friend Rachel. My husband took a distant picture of us girls getting into the water.
While we took the first turn snorkeling, my husband relaxed on a wooden beach chair under a (free) grass covered cabana while my son played in the sand. And they loved every minute of it!
You use steps to get into the water for snorkeling since it gets a few feet deep right away. There was a small sloped beach area for people to swim in as well. Below is me and my hubby snorkeling. The water was very choppy, you can't tell in the pictures. That really made it hard! Us gals had snorkeled in the past on trips in high school.
It was my husband's first time, which is why he let us gals go first to see how we do it before trying himself. Had the water been more calm, I would have liked to stay out there for a long time. My friend snapped the shot below with an underwater disposable camera.
These fish were swimming near us at different times!

I wrote a long review about our time at the park, click the link above if you want to read it! And there are a few different pictures there too.

We left the park in the late afternoon so that we would have time to shop back at the port area before getting on our ship again. The ship was in Cozumel from 8am to 7pm, and we needed to be back on the ship by 6:30pm.

I had to take a picture of the Starbucks there!

Our ship at Cozumel.

What we saw as we were walking on the long dock back to our ship:
A beautiful things to see at the end of a beautiful day! We only wish we had more time there.
We were back on the ship around 6pm. The next day we were at sea again. I took pictures of the ship from the top, near the front.

I took soooo many pictures! I'd love to share even more but don't want to clog up the blog too much. If I can get them on a website with an easy link to share, I can post that here.

Oh- about the giveaway! I didn't say when I would pick the winner. I think I will do that by Tuesday. :)