Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Pictures

I finally shrunk down some pictures to share. I didn't want them to be a big file size when I posted so that they hopefully don't cause loading problems.

First I want to say WOW, it's the last day of 2010!! I wasn't even fully used to hearing 2010 and it's time to start saying 2011!!


Back to the pictures...
The first round is from Downtown Disney on Christmas Eve!

World's biggest Disney store, no lie
lots of people walking around, but it wasn't actually as crowded as the last two times we wentThe Ghirardelli store/chocolate factory!!
I got a pumpkin spice hot cocoa from later in the evening, SOOOO good.
Lego sea monster! There is a big Lego store there.

When we went to go eat at Rainforest Cafe, we were expecting a long wait. To our delight, our party of 8 got seated right away. It was only 4:30 or so. That might explain it. The place was only half full, much different than usual. I thought it might be overly crowded because a lot of tourists go to Disney for Christmas, and this area being free to walk around would be a big go-to spot when not in the actual Disney theme parks. The restaurant got more filled up when we were done eating. I guess by then, it was normal people's dinner time - not like us early birds! ;) We always eat dinner early.

It's very hard for me to get good pictures while inside because the restaurant is kept a little dark, with some shimmering lights and spotlights. It really is an experience! Fake, large animals all around, moving their ears or hands every once in awhile. The fake thunderstorms are the most fun!

When we were done eating at Rainforest, it was dark outside and so pretty. Twinkling lights in trees, Christmas window displays, and decor lit up around buildings. Right by these two snowmen, which is also near the kiddie train ride, every so often fake snow would blow out from a light pole area. It was the sudsy soap fake kind of snow. It looks so pretty though.

And then Christmas Day...
Still too young to understand the concept of waking up and immediately wanting to open presents! I guess it must be our last year with him that he didn't demand us awake at 7am to open his presents! We all woke up around 9am, slept in after being up too late Christmas Eve. He just laid on our bed awake for awhile(he slept in our room to give my parents his room) without realizing anything. I finally said "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" to him and then he said, I can open presents?!
You know how it goes, wrapping paper everywhere, lots of presents when you combine the presents from my family members with ours!
It's easy when they still don't know how much things cost and are happy with things that don't have to be expensive. One of his favorite gifts from us was a $14.99 play rug from Ikea.
We also got him a big singing Mickey, and other small things.
We set up tables in our front porch for eating our Christmas meal. The weather was a little windy but the temperature was good for sitting out there, upper 60's most of the day I think.
One of my cousins, our only cousin that we are close to, is pregnant. She found out that they are having a boy right before Christmas. Exciting! She has a daughter already who is almost 10 years old. Kavi and her play together cutely. I have given my cousin some of Kavi's baby things(yes I still have almost all of his baby clothes!) and will definitely be giving her more items before the baby comes.
(I don't like how I almost look pregnant next to her, when I am not! lol)

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Angela said...

Looks like it was a great Christmas. I love when kids are at the age where they still love simple stuff. I got my niece a DS game and then just so she could have another gift to open from us- I covered a clipboard with scrapbook paper and put her name on it. I also made a binder for her with her initials on it - total project cost might have been $8 and she LOVED it! She stopped in the middle of the activity and said "Oh thank you, Angie! I love it!" She never even mentioned the game we got her - so that made me feel really good that she liked the handmade things better :)

Happy New Year and congrats to your cousin!!