Sunday, January 16, 2011

30 day Shred - Days 6-11

  1. A little more stamina today. Recovery time after exercise is much faster! I cannot do push ups.
  2. The first set of jumping jacks are still a killer. I think I need to warm up even more before putting on the dvd, she does a very short warm up. My husband joined in with me tonight. He has been jogging lately and still finds this dvd very challenging.
  3. Still pushing through! I think I can...I think I can...
  4. I have more stamina for the “butt kicks” now. I was really tired feeling today but I did the work out anyway. After I was done, I peeked at level 2 and 3. Scary!
  5. I decided to be crazy and started level 2 tonight! I feel like a cooked, floppy noodle in my arms and upper legs. It’s very tough!! The plank moves, which are holding yourself up on your arms in a push up looking move, are so hard that I can’t do all those moves consecutively. It’s pretty bad when the people on the video, including Jillian, look really tired out at the end. Those people, who don’t seem to have any flab jiggling around during the moves, with extremely toned muscles, versus me who has much too much flab. I sure have a lot more weight to lift off the ground than them! But- at least I don’t feel pukey. :)
  6. Day of rest mostly, did a tiny bit of strength training moves. I thought I would be more sore today.
I will be doing level 2 again tomorrow! If you missed what I wrote about days 1-5, you can read here.


Chana said...

Stick with it girl!
I lost 25 lbs in 3 months doing the Shred, I'm on level 3 now and it's still very hard but it WORKS! I promise!

MoranSha said...

i love the shred! i'll never be able to so push ups the way she does'em. but hey, it doesn't really matter

after you complete level 3 do level 1 again - it'll look like a piece of cake :)

Abigail Leigh said...

I'm going to start tonight!!!!! Yay, I can't wait.....I need to get in shape!!!! Congrats to how far you've done already, that's awesome!!!!

Angela said...

Way to go!!! It sounds very painful!

Natty said...

Hi! Found your blog in a search for 30 Day Shred. I'm only on Day 3 but hoping to keep with it! Keep it up and good luck!