Friday, January 21, 2011

Botanical Garden

We don't get outside as much as I think we should. The weather will be nice and then in a day become really chilly (for FL standards) or rainy, and getting the right kind of outside day can be tricky!

On Wednesday I decided to take Kavi to a local, almost hidden, botanical garden/nursery. There is no entrance fee and it's open every day from dawn until dusk. It's off a main road here but it's not at all noticeable unless you know about it! We were the only people in the entire place. Not even those who come to take care of the plants were there. It's right next to a residential area, but still, it's so quiet and peaceful(and slightly creepy since you feel all alone there, I feel like I need karate skills).

We hadn't been there since two years ago! That's crazy since it's so close. I was surprised by how much greenery was still alive there, since we have had several sub-freezing nights in this area.

A little train track, but the train wasn't running! :( Part of the track is broken.

We spent about 30 minutes there, until Kavi got spooked by squirrels in the trees, and then a tripping incidence occurred, making him really want to leave! (hehe) I had him by the hand and was trying to get him to walk with me, but he wanted to be held since he got spooked. While I was trying to convince him to walk with me on the trail, the tip of my shoe got caught in a small tree root. I almost fell down but caught myself, but my momentum hurled Kavi to the ground!

After we left, we stopped at "Cupcake Heaven" for a soul healing cupcake. ;)


thestoryofkat said...

he is just so darn cute!

what a neat looking place your own little secret garden!

Beka said...

awww, kavi is just adorable:) he's such a cute mix of you and your husband!

mmm, cupcakes. oh my. :)

Angela said...

What a beautiful place! I get scared sometimes when things are too quiet. Poor Kavi- but I bet the cupcake made up for it.