Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Forgot yesterday!

When I was writing the entry about the game, I totally forgot that my mom had also bought a Charley Harper children's item for my son!

An adorable ABC book, also on sale!! I don't remember the price.

After reading around online more about the game and other items that had Charley Harper's artwork, I realized there are a lot of fans that have known about him for a long time. I am not an art expert at all, so for me these are kind of new.

I don't know if I have mentioned on this blog before that I am married and have a son, who is turning 14 months old tomorrow! I talk about more "life in general topics" at my blog East Meets West that I have had for years. This blog I created for the artsy side of life, to concentrate more on these topics so that my life in general blog could stay about life more than making things.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Children's memory game = Art, for me!

In Old Navy, about a week and a half ago, I couldn't resist buying a memory game that was for sale near the children's section. It was (and still is if there are any left) on sale for $4.49. YES, only $4.49!!

It's Charley Harper art in form of a memory game for kids. If I heard the name Charley Harper, I wouldn't really know who that is. But his art looks familiar to me.

Anyway, the memory game, to me, looked like an awesome opportunity to get some really cool artwork for $4.49!!! There are 36 pairs of square cards, which means each awesome piece of art is there twice!! This is the cover of the box, and what drew me to buy it, how cute! I love birds in artwork, and in everything, pretty much!

Inside is filled with so many neat works of art. I was thinking that if I wanted to, I could make this into some wall decor. If I never do it, I will let my little boy(who is 14 months old about) play with it one day, CAREFULLY. :P But for now, I am just admiring this great little game as lots of little pieces of awesome artwork. If the other items go on clearance as low as this was, I'll snatch them up too.
Of course, I am not the first to think of using this game as something else. While googling about the game, I found a couple cool ideas of what people have been doing with these (via creative blogs I found):

Charley Harper notepads
Gift tags

I have been using some of the art as backgrounds for pictures of necklaces I have made recently. Examples:

There are more shown at my esty shop, coffeeandcream.etsy.com.

In case, like me, you weren't too familiar with Charley Harper, check out this Wikipedia entry about him. Click here!