Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Thursday: more bedding

Ever since I got my awesome $10 quilt made of vintage fabrics(but in new condition) last November, I have been loving that look. I thought I took a picture of it on my white Ikea bedspread which we used during our coldest nights, but it looks like I didn't! I loved the way the bright colors looked against the bright white. Above is just a picture reminder of my quilt, but not on the white. :\

Here are flickr images that convey the same style. Click images for source:
Baby Quilt - All Vintage Fabrics (except the binding)

Baby quilt!

carrie strine

Complimentary linens
Guests are coming

Now I have to go rush to get ready to go out and later it's Thai time for hubby's birthday!


Beka said...

Oh gosh, those are so beautiful--almost makes me want to start quilting. Or something. :)

Ah, Thai!! Sounds delicious!! have a wonderful time!

thestoryofkat said...

beautiful! i have a friend who does a lot of quilting with upcycled vintage floral sheets and the results are so pretty.