Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun on Etsy

I purchased a pair of earrings today and it's exciting because they come all the way from Turkey. Take a look: Vintage Style Summer Earrings

They were on sale for $5, and I think they are elegant, but not too fancy. Can't wait to get them and wear them!

I added a new necklace today, I call it "Happy Heart and Black Rose":


I like the black chunky rose beads I got recently. I may want to try making earrings with them, and also with the cute heart charms I bought recently as well.

Since the last post...

I finished up the projects I was talking about. One is the Sasquatch pillow, you can see it to the right in my shop's gallery. Also some birdie items too.

I also had the opportunity to make custom pillows for a good friend. She told me the kind of thing she wanted and it was my job to make sure it was what she would like!

They were fall themed pillows, you can see here:

Making them helped me learn even more how to make a good pillow cover. I will probably make more pillow covers in the future to sell, without the pillow forms.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Finishing some projects

After some delays, I am finally finishing up a couple projects that have been sitting around for two weeks due to my cold and some other personal issues(written about on my other blog).

I plan on listing a few items TODAY! Finally. I'm on the last stage of two pillows, one being the Sasquatch pillow, the other being another bird accented pillow. I also plan on listing a romantic rose necklace, and possible something else.

I really need to better organize the space that I make stuff in. My necklace making things are under control in a tidy plastic organizer, but fabric and sewing things are not very organized and it's driving me crazy. I need to do MAJOR rearranging and finding places hidden away for all different things that are here and there around the room.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A page from my favorites

Click image to zoom.

You can see the seller's name in the lower right corners of each image. This is just one page from my current favorites on Etsy.

I love soaps that look good enough to eat. I recently ordered soaps that were on sale and was very happy with them. I want to order more in the future!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things are slow for me...

I have been dealing with a cold since last week, so I haven't really been able to make anything new lately. I am still making the sasquatch pillow and another bird pillow, but had to stop because I just need to rest and get over this cold. I stay at home with an almost one year old cutie boy, so it's easy to see why my energy has to be used for that instead of making stuff while I don't feel good. :)

My mom added another variety of headbands to her shop on etsy. I think they look very nice.
Deep red crocheted headband, and Sea and Sky headband, $7 each:

She takes custom requests as well so if there is a certain color someone wants, she can look in her yarn supplies and can make it a certain color if it's available. She also has cute earrings for sale, some would work perfectly for Valentine's day! Check out ConsidertheLillies

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Finally posting here!

The Holidays were busy and filled with fun, and I didn't have much extra time for posting here. I am thrilled to say that I received some amazing gifts that were purchased from Etsy, off of my favorites list!

I am making some new pillows finally also. With family staying at the house and lots of gatherings here, getting out the sewing machine and making a mess just wasn't an option! I was on a sewing frenzy a week before Christmas, making cute pillows for various people as gifts. But since then, I have not sewn anything.

Here are some works in process. I hope to have a couple pillows done by tonight and the rest tomorrow-maybe. They will look better once completed. I am adding a wacky Sasquatch pillow into the mix. I made one for a friend and his son for Christmas, and was told by my mom to make one for Etsy too. I think someone out there may appreciate a Sasquatch pillow!! haha.

I added a new necklace today...

I was able to add other necklaces over the Holidays as well since I make much less of a mess when putting together a necklace!

At my mom's shop, she has added new headbands and some adorable earrings, check them out! You can see items from her shop to the right in the Consider the Lillies gallery link.