Friday, September 30, 2011

Travel success

So we made it! Our flight on Wednesday was a success. I felt a little anxious waiting to get to the airport, but once we checked in and said bye to my parents, I felt better. We went through security just fine, and then didn't have to walk a huge distance to our gate.

We flew Southwest, which I had never flown with before, and so instead of assigned seats for most people, it's first come first serve seating(unless you have a special ticket). There are three groups of people to go on the plane: A, B, and C group. Families with young children do get to go on the plane before it's completely full at least. Our tickets put us near the beginning of the B group, but even then, as we walked onto the plane, there were hardly any areas with two seats open next to each other. Everyone first goes for the window or aisle seat, which means lots and lots of middle seats open. But I did get us two seats together near the back of the plane. Fine with me. Sat next to a nice, quiet lady who was in the aisle seat.

When choosing where to sit(only had about three options near the back of the plane) I decided which person looked like they'd be the least annoyed sitting next to a child. A business looking man, busy on the phone still in his seat? Nah. Nice looking lady drinking Starbucks? Ok! I wonder what went through her mind as I asked if the seats were taken next to her. I think about this stuff. Was she like: No problem, look at that cute child :p or oh no!! a possible brat to spend this flight with?! ;) Well, thankfully Kavi proved to be a good traveler once again as he quietly sat between me and the lady, leaning to my side, falling asleep on my arm soon after take off. He woke up during the last 30 or so minutes of the flight and was still fine. So yay!! We accomplished our first flight with just us two together.

On take off, I got to see a nice areal view of Birmingham's downtown and UAB, and other areas. On landing we got to see Tampa Bay and bridges and downtown Tampa. You couldn't get a helicopter ride to see both cities from above for the $59 each we paid for that flight!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fear not

Last day visiting Alabama(again!). It was nice to be here for my parents' birthdays!

Me and Kavi are flying home tomorrow and I think usually I'd feel more nervous about such a thing. It's never been just me and Kavi on a flight before! I have struggled with fear of flying during my life, but it has gotten better over the last year or so. It's not the kind of fear that sends me into panic attacks or that I need medication for, but it would make me feel uneasy and have to rationalize in mind during a flight that people fly all the time, thousands of flights a day, we are just one of thousands of safe flights today.

And sometime during the travel to India earlier this year, or it was the way back home, I felt a release of some fear, due to exhaustion. Too tired to even think or worry about it! And I credit God because prayer helped me too. He is always with me during my worries. Then we went to Portland and I really felt ok during those flights, a step in the right direction! So with all of that, along with knowing we don't have to make the long drive home tomorrow, I am looking forward to a one way, quick flight home! We fly direct from Birmingham to Tampa.

Today we will be busy, running around later doing a few things. See you back in Florida!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Around the House


Cozy lodgey living room:

I want real branches on the wall as shelves:

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today was our 7th wedding anniversary!! I can't believe it's been seven years already.

Ever since I got my new phone last February, I am guilty of not taking many better pictures. I just don't feel like getting out the dig camera when I have one on the phone. I did a lot of "real" digital pictures on the cruise though. are some anniversary photos(from my phone heh).

Before going out to eat for a late lunch/early dinner at one of my favorite places, Carrabba's. I ordered lobster ravioli, something I have never ordered there in the past. It was really good!!

I got these flowers from my husband in the morning.

The tiramisu we shared for dessert at Carrabba's. MMMmmm!

After dinner we stopped at Starbucks to sit for a little while, so I could get a pumpkin spice latte.  ;)

It was a very nice day. My sis and friend took Kavi out for awhile so that we could go on our anniversary date. And...tomorrow(Monday) I am heading back to Alabama yet again. I am riding up with my sis and friend. And it's my mom's birthday tomorrow! So we will be able to get there for part of it. My dad's birthday is a couple of days later. It will be an action packed week! Me and Kavi will fly back down here. We found an awesome deal/sale on southwest. $59 one way each! I have never flown alone with Kavi, but I feel more brave about it now than I might have a year ago.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Home again

I am back! We arrived back home yesterday. I had a fantastic time. I miss being pampered already. Pampered in the sense of not having to cook one single meal, not having to clean up after any meal, not having to make my bed, not having to take care of anyone except myself for 5 days!

My sister Jenny and friend Rachel are still visiting and will be here for a couple of days. So we will be hanging out still all weekend, which is always nice.

Here are just a few snaps from my vacation:
First day, just past sunset time

Our room, I got the window bed. ;)

Relaxing on a top deck of the ship(friend on left) one night

That's me! Saw pretty fishies while snorkeling.

Inside beautiful Chankanaab park
My "been snorkeling and sweating all day and about to get back on the ship for dinner" picture.
And I bought it for 11.99 (hehehe). I really wanted to buy at least one photo they took. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting ready

I started packing for the cruise last night and I just need to finish a little bit up today. I also should be cleaning up around the house! My sister and our friend are driving down from AL right now to come to my house tonight before we go on the cruise tomorrow! There are six of us going, three in each room. We have all known each other a very long time. Our other fellow travelers live near me and will meet at my house tomorrow morning.

I am so much looking forward to it, but I am getting butterflies here and there about saying bye to Kavi for the five nights. Calling from on board the cruise is very pricey(unless they offer us some great deal?) so I won't really be able to do that. I will try to use wifi at the port stops to use Skype to call my husband. I would feel better to know I could call and say hi like twice a day. (hehe). Kavi will surely be asking where I am every day. I am glad he will be with his daddy though. I pray they have a peaceful, good time while I am away.

I am not very worried about tropical storm/hurricane activity now. Tropical storm Maria will be heading a little towards our way but is supposed to turn north before it can get all the way over to the area we will be in. There is still a chance for outer bands or choppy water from the storm while in the Cayman Islands on Monday, I think.  But I hope nothing stormy. And tropical storm Nate should be almost to the other side of Mexico by the time we get to Cozumel on Tuesday. Two of the ladies joining us on the cruise(a mother/daughter we have known forever) have not been on a cruise before, and we just want it to be smooth and good weather for them. :)

Our schedule:
Sat: Ship leaves Tampa port around 4pm, we will arrive around noon. (I live an hour away from there)
Sun: Day at sea
Mon: Cayman Islands
Tues: Cozumel
Wed: Day at sea
Thurs: Back in Tampa in the morning.

I will blog after I am back! Have a good week!

(Our ship, "Carnival Inspiration")

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vintage: Chairs

We will have to ignore budget friendly prices today in order to check some of these cool vintage chairs. ;) Sure, there are a couple of budget friendly chairs thrown in. But, I would love to come across a chair like in the 2nd and 3rd pictures. I like the gray one!! I want it! Maybe that will be a goal for me, to discover a similar chair at a cheaper price, that maybe needs to be recovered to be pretty again?

Mid-century lounge chair $245

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I don't know if I actually wrote about this here...that this Saturday, I am going on another cruise! We went last September (2010), and I am going on September 10th with just ladies! My husband said I deserve a mommy break, so it was okay for me to go along with the women folk!

We booked it in June actually. My sister really wanted to go again(well, we all did!). But with going to Portland, I knew all of us couldn't go do something like that again so soon. But it was my husband who said I should just go with them. I feel a little weird because I have never been away from Kavi overnight yet. And this will be five nights! But at least I know he will be with his daddy the whole time. I hope they handle it well without little ol' me!

There's always a little tropical weather stress involved in a cruise this time of year, with all the tropical storm and hurricane activity recently! So far things look okay for the areas we are going to-Georgetown in the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico again. There may be rain while we are at port, which would stink. But maybe not! I will definitely be keeping an eye on the weather this week until Saturday.

Do you know what things excite me about being on the cruise?
-Having someone make your bed for you each day, and turn down service while you are at dinner!
-Their coffee, available 24/7, tastes GOOD.
-The food is abundant.
- A room service menu, all "free"(just recommended to give a small tip, but food is included in cruise price)
-The open sea
-Sleeping in a moving hotel room that takes you to your destination

What don't I like?
-Drunk obnoxious people randomly around you. ;)

But, the good stuff makes up for it.

I feel very blessed to be able to go again and to have a nice husband who wants me to have a mommy break.

Monday, September 5, 2011

I want that...

Source: via Christina on Pinterest

Fringe hmm. I think I like it on that shirt.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vintage Repurposed

Good ideas!
Vintage drawer pulls put up as wall hooks.

Source: via Christina on Pinterest

Old crates into a bookcase!

I kind of stink at blogging right now!
I can just keep posting cool inspiration finds, ideas, or vintage items that I like. But, I kind of stink at blogging right now! There are things going on in life I'd like to talk about(no, it's not a pregnancy!). But I can't really on a public place like this. I can't even really on my facebook either.

I'll just say generally, we would like to be near family and we are hoping to make it happen sooner than later. We are going to try to make it happen. But we don't know when the sooner is, and that can drive me crazy at times! Opportunities come along but they aren't the best fit. And it's hard to let them go, because they are an opportunity. But if it's not what is the best one, and if God has something better waiting, then saying no and waiting is better. (even though it's harder).

....And I am really sick of Florida's hot weather for so many months. I want to wear some cute sweater stuff soon!!