Monday, February 25, 2013

Final countdown

One week from today, I hope I will be holding my new little baby boy!
My c-section is scheduled for Monday at noon. Of course, who knows if I will go into labor before then! I can't believe it's just one week away until I get to see our new little baby's face.

 I have been in major "nesting" mode for weeks. So much is already set up and ready now. I just need to focus on regular household chores until we go to the hospital.

Can't wait to see you, baby boy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three weeks left. Birthdays and Baby Shower!

Technically, two weeks and six days until my scheduled c-section! I have been in nesting mode for weeks, even though the house is still not all put together nicely! I did organize closets that were overstuffed, decorated the baby's room, and put baby things away.

We also had our son's 5th birthday party at McWane Science Center the Sunday before last, and my baby shower was last Sunday! My husband's birthday is less than a week before Kavi's, so we had fun for that too.

As for my shower, my mom and sister (with some help from my dad) transformed their house into a cabin with a black bear/lumber jack theme for the shower! It was so cute!! They even asked the guests to wear plaid, so almost everyone did show up wearing plaid or flannel! It was so nice.

(with my sis)