Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Blue Room

I had talked about painting our sons room, and it was finished New Year's Eve. We still had to arrange things, move some things out of the room, and there is still work to do in there.

So here is just one corner as it is right now. It's a little blurred, sorry! I need to get better pictures of the room.
We want to get simple curtains for the room instead of the green curtains he has now.

Last night during the 30 Day Shred, I could tell I had more stamina for the cardio. Two things I feel like are impossible right now are push ups, even the girly kind, and bicycle stomach crunches. I can hardly dip down at all during the push ups. And it really hurts my tail bone to lay on the ground and lift my legs for crunches, even on the carpet. Even though I have so much padding on my body, there isn't enough at my tail bone or something!! I gave up that part for now. I just move around or do regular stomach crunches during that last minute.

Thank you for the encouraging comments yesterday!!


jordiegirl said...

Great work - with the room and the exercises.

jordiegirl said...

I love the vintage typewriter at the top of your blog and thought you had got it from shabbyblogs but couldn't see it over there - where did you get it or is it your own?

Angela said...

Oh I can't do a push up to save my life! I have broken both wrists and they just will not take the weight. BUT -- before the broken wrists, I couldn't do them anyway :)

Angela said...

Oh and I forgot to say that Kavi's room looks really cute and I love the shade of blue you picked.

Christina said...

jordiegirl- I got it from shabbyblog's blog freebies :) here:

Beka said...

Oooh, bicycle crunches can be killer!!!
I can't do more than 2 regular pushups. My brothers try to make me feel wimpy because of that fact.
Girly ones, yeah they're fine.
But me? I do these ones where I put my feet on a no-slip rug in the kitchen and my hands spaced shoulder-far-apart on the counter edge... angle yourself enough horizontally-wise, and you've got a decent push up right there.
I did 50 yesterday. 20, then 10, then another 20. Oh. Em. Gee. Did I feel the burn after those or what!! And don't even talk about this morning.
Yeah. The moral of the story, sorry for the novel of a comment, is this: I haven't don't pushups at.all. for nearly a month. I'm out of shape. :P

Great job on the 30 day shred!! Keep pushing through:)