Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What inspires me + Share what inspires you!

Today I need to go to the store with Kavi to buy a birthday card for the hubby and maybe some birthday decor. We are planning to go to a Thai restaurant tomorrow evening for his birthday meal. (Kavi going too) Yum!

I also wanted to share some creative things!

I have been eying this cute clay village:
It's only $12 for all those pieces! From happycreations4u. Would look so cute on a little shelf.

Ooh pretty decor:


I think sometimes I get stuck in a pattern of things I like.

So for anyone reading:

If you have a link to room decor or an outfit on flickr or elsewhere that you love and would like to share with me, please leave a comment with it and next week one day I will post all the images and say who picked them out!
It'll be fun to share.

(The only guideline I'd have for the fashion is nothing provocative. :P
Not that I am expecting that, but this is open to whoever reads and wants to comment!)


Beka said...

hmmm. :)
once in a while, i go to this site and it just gets me sighing. heh. :)
i'm totally going to have to do a room with a lot of turquoise someday in my house...

these shoes:

this apron:

my thought: i can probably have my brother make me a few benches like this sometime...and i'll paint 'em! hehe:)

Angela said...

Your blog inspires me! You always find such CUTE things!! You know, I have a pull down map like that. I got it for my shop MONTHS ago and can not for the life of me figure out how to photograph is without actually installing it - I don't really want to put holes in my walls for something that is not staying.

thestoryofkat said...

if you are stuck in a rut, i just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR RUT! lol, but really, you do always find the cutest things. that last picture is especially beautiful!

i would love to contribute something but i'll have to scour my bookmarked pages first and come back to share.

Jillya said...

I'm late posting this, but I wanted to chime in to say that I felt the same way when I was 30 (I'm now 46). You're accomplishing a lot more than I did at your age, and your blog is so beautiful. Hang in there!

Jillya said...

Oops! Sorry, I meant the last comment for your blog on priorities!