Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Featured on a great blog!

Items from my shop thecozynest.etsy.com were featured today at lillyella.blogspot.com, one of my favorite blogs to look at! I just saw it now, so excited!!!!
Please go take a peak!

Monday, June 29, 2009

More sewing rooms...

Here are more rooms I tried to add earlier too, but was having
problems and limited time. I just had to share! They truly inspire!

Originally uploaded by Happy Zombie
Originally uploaded by *jenny b allsorts

Originally uploaded by Jennifer @ LilMissCupcake

Cute rooms galore!!

I am mostly going to share some sewing related rooms I found on flickr, in different group pools like sewing rooms, Etsy open studios. Check those out, they are awesome!
Also found these cool photo pools:
Operation: Sewing Room Organization
Creative Spaces

First I want to share my own area where I do sewing. If I wait to show them, you will have seen the AMAZINGLY cute rooms I found and mine will look so blah!! So this is the back family room/office/dining area. It is decorated in an Indian style right now. I hope to rearrange things in the future, where the bed is(have nowhere else to store the twin bed right now!). I'd like to have my own sewing table there and wall shelves.
Dresser: A thrift store find, handy storage. It's actually part of a big hutch, but a few months ago I didn't want the top part on anymore because it looked too big in the room and it wasn't functioning as anything very important.

Ok so now here are some rooms that I find so cute and perfect for creating in!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

$5 earring sale!

Many earrings on sale for only $5 at coffeeandcream!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finally did some sewing!

So finally tonight I got some sewing done. I have a little more I'd like to get done tomorrow and hopefully these items will be on Etsy on Monday! What I made/am making for now:
  • 3 pillow covers, 2 of which are 16x16 in the IKEA bird fabric and Tina Givens fabric, and one 12x16 for something different in Tina Givens fabric.
  • one pillow with a house on it made from fabric pieces, you'll just have to see!
  • a finished, small IKEA bird fabric pillow
  • some small birdie shaped pillows
I also wanted to share a blog post my mother wrote about a week ago, because it has such great inspiration for home decor!! Go take a look. Here's a snap shot of the blog post, to entice you even more! ;)

Creative Space

There are various things I want to get done today. We need to go out to a couple stores, and later today I am determined to sew!! I really like trying to come up with new pillow ideas, but I always feel like I don't have enough time to sew everything. When I put together jewelry pieces it makes much less of a mess. To sew I have to clear off the whole table and get out the sewing machine, iron fabric, stuff pillows, etc. It makes a much larger mess.

I guess this is when a room dedicated to making things would come in handy. I don't have a "studio" or entire room to use. I use about 1/2 of the back family room where our computer desk also is, and I use a round table we are supposed to eat dinner on(which we never do hehe). We switched some things around in the house and now I actually have a little more storage back here. But for it to be a real organized "make things" area, much more would need to be done. So I make do with what I can!

I am impressed and slightly jealous when people have pictures of where they make their items and it looks all cute and organized and specific. That will be me one day! Not my own room, but at least a more organized back area.

I leave you with these cute art prints I spotted recently from tabidesigns.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Giveaway Winners!

Winners chosen using www.random.org.

Winner #1 is:
comment #24
Evelyn! Winner of the necklace!! (I will also email you)

Anonymous said...

I like the Give Peace a Chance necklace from Consider The Lilies and the Red Bird Block Print Cotton Cosmetic Bag With Zipper from The Lily of The Valley.

Winner #2 is:
comment #13
Cindy! Winner of the dishtowel!! (I will also email you)

Cindy said...

The Juicy Lemon Pillow Cover by A. Henry is so cute! It's very summery and fun.
I also like the At Sea earrings.

Thanks to all who entered!! I had a lot of fun with this and appreciate all the feedback in the comments!! Thanks, Mom, for your contribution too! She was also appreciative of all the comments/input regarding her shops.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Winner announced Friday

The winner for the giveaway will be announced tomorrow(Friday) by the afternoon!!! I am planning to use random.org to pick the winners. First pick gets the necklace, second pick gets the dishtowel!!

Last minute entries? Feel free to enter until around 3 AM E.S.T.!! (Midnight for the west coasters!)

Lemony yellow, again

I still have a thing for yellow!!

OH and today is the last day to enter the giveaway!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Look at these awesome candles!

Seller lanette35 on Etsy has delicious looking candles!! And no sales yet?! Free shipping in the US on orders it says at her shop!

Great Summery Items

All found on Etsy! ALL $23 and under!
  1. "Ananias", handmade leather sandals from Greece only $18, From AnaniasSandals
  2. Fun lemony reuseable grocery bag $12, folds into self, From abeachbreeze
  3. Lime or Lemon holder $12, From wabisabipottery
  4. Orange sun dress, only $23!!, From pinkypinky
I think the dress is so airy and pretty. It would probably make me look like a big puff but I am sure it would good on other people! :)

Don't forget about the giveaway going on here! Entries welcomed until Thursday night, late. I'd say maybe a 3 AM EST deadline, that way it's midnight for the west coasters.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer themed post coming soon...

But in the meantime, I'm very excited about all the giveaway entries so far! Even though I am the one giving something away, it's still fun for me! Thanks all, and I appreciate all the feedback in your comments for both mine and my mother's shops.

In case you missed it, click below!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day!

(rubucca.etsy.com cute father's day card, oringial artwork!!!
I just bought it even though father's day is today)
Our son has a wonderful father, and my dad is awesome. I am very blessed!! Happy wishes to all those fathers out there!!

Don't forget to check out the giveaway going on here!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Entry # 100! Giveaway time!

To celebrate my 100th entry here on this blog, I am doing a giveaway! This is open to anyone. You don't need a blog account to enter. Anonymous comments welcome, just at least leave a way for me to know who you are in case you win.

What's up for grabs? Two items, so there will be two winners.

Here's the first item, Coffee Cup Rosette necklace, created by me.

I have added a white rose into a coffee/tea cup with a creamy pearly bead
next to it, hanging on a lovely brass 19 inch chain.

My mom was generous enough to contribute an item for this giveaway!
The second item is a charming dish towel created by her. (click pics to zoom)

She block printed cotton fabric, with a hand carved design of a coffee pot! Printed patch hand sewn onto dishtowel with embroidery thread. I have two of her towels and they are adorable, let me tell you!
First winner picked gets the necklace, second winner gets the dishtowel.

~How to enter~:
You can have up to 3 chances to win in the form of 3 *separate* comments, and here's how:
  1. Just simply leave one comment letting me know you would like to be entered! SO easy!
  2. Visit either (or both) of my shops The Cozy Nest & Coffee and Cream, and leave another comment suggesting what you would like to see more of or what you like!
  3. Visit either (or both) of my mother's shops ConsidertheLillies & TheLillyoftheValley, and tell me in a 3rd comment something that you really like there!
Winner will be randomly chosen. Giveaway open until Thursday night, June 25th. Winner will be announced Friday June 26th! Make sure I have a way to contact you!

Make sure you leave 3 separate comments so when the winner is picked randomly, you have three comments available to be chosen from! They can be posted 3 in a row or scattered, whatever you want! I prefer the scattered method myself, I feel like it increases the chance of being randomly chosen. ;)

Thank you to my mom, Darlene, for her contribution!! You can also visit her blog at http://considerthelillies09.blogspot.com.

Let the fun begin!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Excited about Flickr

Visit this cute blog, Paper*Cakes Finds

Last Friday two of my items that I had uploaded to flickr were part of the "flickr Friday" there, and today two more items that I recently uploaded were a part of it too! I started using flickr recently and have been having fun with finding groups to be a part of to add some of my photos to. I think it will help more people get to know about me in the long run. Already, I have had items shown on paper*cakesfinds blog, which has over 400 followers!! If you visit there today, my items are the Bumblebee and Blue flower necklace, and the IKEA fabric pillow cover! I just find it a little exciting. :)

This is post #99, and that means tomorrow is #100 and BLOG GIVEAWAY time!! It is going to have a coffee theme. (If you like tea better, it can be considered a tea theme too. haha.) There will be two items in the giveaway. I think it will be fun!!

Here is my flickr, by the way:


coffee&cream's itemsGo to coffee&cream's photostream

An added edit: Look at my other blog East Meets West for a fun post about east meets west style music!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Pretty Supplies; And my cutie

I got some new jewelry supplies in the mail today that I can't wait to figure out what to do with. Pretty little yellow Czech glass flowers, small peach flower cabochons, and some blue flower buttons.

I sold one of the IKEA fabric pillow covers yesterday, very exciting. The bird themed cover sold. I have enough of that fabric to make one more 16 x 16 pillow cover, with a little left over to possibly make a small finished pillow. I need to start cutting my newer fabrics as well.

Sometimes it just takes awhile to make them, with motherhood and such going on as well! :P
Here's my little cutie, Kavi, wearing our computer headphones recently. He loved walking around the house with them on.

And here he is walking around outside. You can see Norman the gnome behind him, in the mulch.

Well speaking(writing) of the little boy, he is waking up from his nap and crying so I have to go! :P

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

About fabric, again!

I just wanted to post some new fabrics I bought, and other fabrics I am wishing for.
(you can click pictures to enlarge)

I now have a little of these two lovely Tina Givens fabrics called "Chandelier Medallion", from the Fairy Tip Toes collection.

I also bought the blue version of Anna Maria Horner's "Small Gathering", which I already had in pink(listed in my shop as pillow covers).

(these fabrics purchased from uberstitch on Etsy, check her out!)

There are just so many pretty fabrics out there!! Anyone have a favorite fabric they would like to share? Leave a comment! I'd love to hear.

Here are more fabrics I have been eying and hope to buy some in the near future. I can imagine them being finished pillows, with a cute felt applique of an animal silhouette on one corner.

Joel Dewberry's "Woodgrain" in green, pink, and magenta, how fun!!

Listed! *whew*

Ok so I finally got the IKEA fabric pillow covers listed. I just have four made at the moment. I still have another fabric in gray(grey?) with a leaf print all over that I haven't made into any covers yet. I have one bird themed cover and three flower covers listed.
Pillow Covers

Monday, June 15, 2009

Roaming Gnome

It is Month of the Gnome here on my blog! Mondays = Gnomes!

I think most of us have heard of the roaming gnome by now, from Travelocity. Well if you are planning to roam like the gnome, here is the perfectly themed passport size wallet I found on Etsy. $16 from bagsbymelanie

At the end of February, I went to India with my son and husband to visit my husband's family. I also had a cute passport wallet to use, also from Etsy, that my sister bought for me at Christmas time. It came all the way from Italy! Here is the passport wallet I got, bought from Etsy seller HappyBee. It had been on my list of favs, so my sister got it for me. :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sew Saturday

So I finally got around to some sewing today. I only put together one finished IKEA fabric pillow cover, darn, but I ironed a lot of fabric.

Here's what some of the piles look like, in progress. You can click the pictures to enlarge them.

Two different IKEA fabrics, woohoo! The patterns on the fabric are very large, so it takes awhile for it to repeat. So it's almost like every pillow cover could be slightly different in it's design!
And here is the finished pillow cover!