Friday, February 13, 2009


I haven't written here in a couple weeks!

In Etsy related news, I sold my Sasquatch pillow this week, along with a necklace last Sunday. :) That made me happy!

My mom has added new kinds of items to her shop. She now has block printed kitchen/tea towels for sale. They are really cute!!
Here's an adorable owl towel:

I have added a couple new necklaces this week. My new favorite is the Bee's Knees Locket Necklace. It's a gold toned necklace.
I have various pillow ideas in my head, but actually getting them made is a different story. I would like to again make a tree pillow similar to one I had traded before Christmas, and also new squirrel and tree stump pillows. People really seemed to like that one.

I may not be able to do too many new things over the next week or two. In about two weeks we are going to India to visit my husband's family. Very exciting!! But there is a lot of planning, packing, etc that we will have to do before we leave!