Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Distance and Good News

Right now I am being a brave wife and mom as my son and husband arrived in India today!! They are there to visit my husband's family.

I did not go, obviously. I have gone the last 3 years. This year, the plan was to go at a different time of year which meant the air ticket prices were higher than we usually have to pay. I also was hoping to not go for another reason! I wasn't sure if that reason would exist when they went! But the reason does exist! Confused? Well...

I'm pregnant!! We've wanted this since February but we had to put it on hold for a couple months in between then and now. So when it happened, we knew it was God's timing!!

We bought the tickets for India the day before I found out I was pregnant, in the end of June. I wasn't going to go either way, but I was happy when I found out the next day!! I am just 8 1/2 weeks and praying for a smooth pregnancy. Things are good so far. I am extra tired and get heartburn already, but no major nausea yet. Just a little bit here and there. But it could get worse! We'll see! :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Green Smoothies

I really love having spinach smoothies lately! At first I wondered if it'd taste like spinach. But with the ingredients I put in, I don't taste it. And now I like having a green colored smoothie! It just feels right.

My smoothie this morning:
The first Green Monster smoothie Kavi had, a couple months ago:
And Kavi likes them! A good way for him to get some spinach and other nutritional things. I saw similar smoothies called a Green Monster smoothie, so that's what we call it!

What I normally throw into the blender for the two of us:
1 banana
A tablespoon of peanut butter
1/4-1/2 cup uncooked plain oatmeal
Two (or more) cups of almond milk. I prefer vanilla flavored. If we don't have that, plain milk would work, or a mix of milk and vanilla yogurt
A few ice cubes
A cup or so of spinach leaves

I blend it until it's nice and green. It's tasty and refreshing. You'd have to like banana and peanut butter to like it.

My recipe inspirations:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Basement Before & After

Finally sharing some "After" pictures of the basement! It's been done for a few weeks already, and I had only taken pictures with my cell phone. I wanted digital camera pictures to share, but our camera is acting up! So I am just going to use the cell phone pictures after all.

A little reminder of the "Before", this picture is actually before we owned the house! It's from when we got to look at it one of the times before closing. So all the things in there are the seller's items, not ours. We replaced the items he moved out with our own junk. :) Mostly unpacked boxes. But then when it was time for the basement work to start(late April, we bought the house in January), we cleared out the space.


We are still setting things up down there,. so I will have more pictures soon!