Tuesday, September 25, 2012

17 weeks

The first 12 weeks went by slow, and now weeks are going by faster. My next appointment, when we'll have the big ultrasound, is in three weeks! I can't wait!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

15 weeks

Well, tomorrow I will be 15 weeks pregnant! Sometimes I still find it surprising! Though I wanted this and we planned, I still think actually having a baby is a miracle. And the second pregnancy seems different so far compared to the first. This time, I have a child already to take care of so my thoughts are not as much all about my pregnancy. I'll think about getting Kavi ready for school(he started preschool!! Just 3 days a week part time), packing his lunch, and then think wow I'm pregnant!! My main issue has been fatigue. Supposedly I am going to feel less fatigued soon since I am in the 2nd trimester. We'll see about that.

So at 15 weeks, the baby is about the size of an orange!

Source: dreamstime.com via Mary on Pinterest