Monday, May 10, 2010

Decor Inspiration: son's room and living room

I have been posting fashion inspiration on Mondays for awhile but today I just couldn't figure out what fashion to talk about. I am more focused on decor inspiration today, so instead I am sharing that!

The first set here is bright, and I am thinking of these kinds of colors for my son's room. Take out anything girly from the pictures, and add a robot theme and I think it'd be very fun. He already has a robot blanket and wall decals. His room is white, we never painted it. I like the blue paint shown below(found that from yesterday's Etsy finds email).

For our living room and possibly another room, I am still leaning towards grey. I like finding pictures with grey painted walls and some bright accents. It helps me know that things I already have as decoration can still be used with the grey. I have also heard good things about grey since I mentioned it a few months ago from fellow bloggers like Fallon.

I picked out a bunch of paint color chips yesterday in shades of grey and blue. It's tricky finding the right color sometimes with such a small color chip. I have found it's better to go lighter or more subtle than you think you want because the colors always look much more powerful when covering a whole wall instead of a tiny square! I have learned that the hard way. When we painted our living room when we bought our house, I wanted light green walls. The color chip I picked looked really nice and fresh, but once we painted the whole living room it was way too bright. If the sun was shining on it, you had to squint! It hurt our eyes. So the next day we had to paint again, this time finding the right color- a pale guacamole type green. But now I am tired of it since it's been on the walls for over 4 years.

Here are some nice grey inspirations:

To see more grey room inspiration I posted back In February, click below:
Grey doesn't have to be gloomy

Do you have any decor plans going on? Tell me about them!

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beka said...

Ugh, so cute. Love the collages. Grey intrigues me...but so do wild colors. :)