Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What have you bought lately?

From Etsy, I bought a pretty felt flower pin. I got it in the mail yesterday, yay! I love it. It was $8 from LoveOwlEyes.

It was hard to get a good picture, it's more of a rich turquoise in person, and even more pretty! It's made from eco felt. My mom had ordered a different pin in the past from this shop. I saw it and loved it, and knew I needed to order from them myself.

Recently at Target I bought myself a pretty, spring looking ruffley blouse for $9 and some cute brown flat shoes on sale for about $14. I looked on Target's website and the shoes aren't on clearance there yet like they were in the store. I have a hard time finding shoes that feel comfortable enough to wear around. I can't do heels at all. I have some issues with my ankles, and I need to have at least a little padding in the bottom of the shoe to be able to go out walking around in them and they need to be pretty much flat. Otherwise, my ankles get very sore.
I think these are cuter in person too!

This past weekend I also got a Liberty of London stationary set for 50% off ($4.98), and some other housewares on clearance.
I usually buy things when they are marked down, I am cheap! :) I have read about the Liberty of London items being sold out in some Target stores around the country, soon after it was released. Well, we still have many of the items in our stores and now they are starting to get marked down. I had already bought myself two items, not marked down, because I did think the prices were great: a beautiful fabric covered bin and a round "gift" box that to me is great decor!! I will take pictures.


Fallon said...

I'm the same way with items at Target. Unless I might not live without the item, I usually wait a few weeks before buying something because I know it will be marked down. I have been eyeing a Liberty floral canister for my kitchen =)

Oh and cute brooch and shoes!

Chana said...

Well, I was actually thinking about buying something from YOU on Etsy! haha! I've been drooling over a few of your items and waiting to treat myself! Cute shoes girl!

teri said...

Nice selection all around!!!!
Off to check out the Etsy shop!
Target sales are wonderful ... do you have KOHL's in your area ... their sales are even better.

Angela said...

I will have to do a post showing some of my recent purchases- including my new fave earrings!

geschichtenvonkat said...

o my goodness, haha, i have those same shoes! so comfortable and i love the way the can be dressed up or down.