Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Challenge

I entered the "bride to be" challenge that I mentioned Saturday, and today is voting day! I put together outfit #6. It's the top *left* outfit in the collage below(oops I had written *right* ack!). V-neck vintage style dress. But so many submissions were gorgeous, I added a couple more to look at that I loved. I almost was going to use the dress in the bottom right corner as part of my outfit and I am glad I didn't since it would have been in there twice! But I love that dress too.

1. Bride to Be 6, 2. Bride to Be 14, 3. Bride to Be 15, 4. Bride to Be 5

You can see them all here.
And then you can vote here.

If you want to vote for me, awesome! But I won last month's challenge and would like someone else to have the chance, so just vote for your true favorite! There are some lovely looks.

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cabin + cub said...

they are all so gorgeous! i voted! ;)