Friday, May 7, 2010

Flashback Friday: Mom!

The picture above is from May 9, 2009. Just under a year ago from today! Me and Kavi were visiting my family in Alabama. Kavi and his grandma! My mom is a wonderful mom and a wonderful grandmother! She is my friend, too. She is a spiritual leader, a kind person, and fun!

The pictures below were taken at a park area while we were visiting. They set these up for kids to take their pictures behind, but me and my mom wanted to be chickens too!



Happy Mother's Day, mom! We love you a lot and are very thankful to have you as a mom!

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Christopher And Tia said...

Your mom has really hip hair, has anyone ever told her that?

I envy that type of relationship. You and your mother are so lucky to have such a wonderful friendship <3

Happy Mothers Day to the both of you, this upcoming Sunday!

Chana said...

Adorable pictures and a very sweet flashback! You gals look like a ton of fun! Have a great weekend celebrating all that is Motherhood:)

Nen said...

your mom is so fun!! :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Christina said...

Tia yes people always compliment her hair! hehe She is hip!

Thank you ladies!

considerthelillies said...

thanks so much Stina, you are a doll! I am thankful for you being such a great daughter and friend to me too! And, you are a fantastic mommy to Kavi, he is really blessed to have you!

Fallon said...

How sweet! Love the chicken photos!