Friday, May 14, 2010

Flashback Friday: 2005

This picture is from 2005. (we got married in 2004). It used to be one of my favorite pictures of us together. I remember taking this picture(and others along with it) very well. I wanted some pictures of us, threw on some make up and earrings(I was just at home, hadn't gotten ready for going out) and we took the pictures. My face looks too pale in the shot and bigger. Sigh...The good news for me is that I weigh at least 20lbs less since this was taken. And you know what, when I lose more weight(yeah I am going to!), looking back on pictures taken right now will look different to me too.

But overall I still like this picture above, just the two of us, newly married! :) I know I shouldn't be negative about myself and if my mom reads this she is sure to say "don't say that Christina!!" because she is always very uplifting and encouraging. :) I am just keeping it real, yo!! ;) It's good to at least know that I am not at my highest weight anymore! And never going back.

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Chana said...

I think you look beautiful there! Right before I read your post, I thought to myself, "ugh..i wish i had her perfect skin." You have Nicole Kidman a doll:) Adorable couple!

Nancy (Jesse and Sophia's grandma) said...

Christina, you look really good in the picture and so does Suj. I understand the desire to lose weight 'cause I am struggling with that one too. You are doing great though and you look great.

beka said...

It's funny how different we can look in just a few years.
Lovely picture:)

Marlene said...

I remember when you two were newlyweds. :)

considerthelillies said...

yep, you two look great! Don't be so critical of yourself, you are one gorgeous gal! love, Mom

Colleen said...

Such a sweet picture. I'm working on the weight loss thing too, so I know what you mean about seeing old pictures of yourself.