Saturday, May 22, 2010

To click

Just thought I'd leave some things for clicking, if you want some stuff to look at over the weekend!
I have made some treasuries in the newer treasury east lately. Some items you might have already seen on the blog, but there are even more in the treasuries since they consist of 16 items!

The two vintage themed treasuries:
Purely Vintage B&W check it out! more items than what was on the blog Thursday

Vintage Kitchen Kitschy this one could use some love! I even spelled out "cook" in the treasury. ;) You'll have to go see how!

And also, a Father's Day/Mens' items treasury!
Your Father's Mustache and other goodies

Recently more of my outfit submissions have been featured on Lillyella.
You can visit some here:
Green Blouse/Jeans Outfit
Summery Shorts Outfit
Pretty Blue Dress/Heels Outfit plus read for how you can submit outfits yourself!

Want to enter this month's Challenge over at Lillyella? Click here to read how! It's a bride to be challenge. I already submitted mine! You have until Monday, May 24th to submit. Winner gets a piece of jewelry.

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Angela said...

You are one skilled treasury maker!! I can just see any of those making the FP (and I hope its the B&W one ;)