Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Weekend

1. Untitled, 2. cleaning up, 3. old things, 4. Bouquet of Popcorn

A weekend in pictures...

It's supposed to get rainy here tomorrow, and I hope it does. I miss rain. I don't know when it last rained, probably not really long ago but it feels long ago. During summer we usually get a quick thunderstorm every day in the afternoon. As long as I am not out driving in them or stuck outside, I like them!

I also need to do cleaning and organizing of neglected areas of the house. Maybe I'll do some sewing too over the weekend(or maybe not). Tomorrow we are going out to lunch for a friend's birthday. That should be fun!

I am sure we will be watching a movie or two as well (at home). And yes I have popcorn!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Any plans you want to share? Comment!


beka said...

Wow, a thunderstorm every afternoon?
Hmmm. Weekend plans? Tonight, my sis and I work at a stand in the local flea market during set-up. That's always a great time of temptation...strawberry sundaes, barely halfway decent coffee, ice cream, eclairs, cream puffs, etc. :)

Angela said...

No great plans...just working like usual...

I like rain too!! The best nights are stormy nights with a fresh stack of movies from Blockbuster!

thenextarrow said...

lovely little collection of photos. the thread is sublime.

xo Alison

Nen said...

love the bouquet in the popcorn bucket!! :)