Monday, May 3, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Jeans

It's time again for some jeans, the kind of thing I'd wear every day! Now the weather is getting hot here so the jacket/cardigan won't work anymore but these are still good photos for fashion inspiration in jeans.

1. jeans, actually, 2. 5_1_10, 3. 28-o4-o9, 4. painting outfit

A polyvore pick:

Sunshine! by ohℓivia

*edited to add:
After a couple comments, I just wanted to say that I also haven't gotten skinny jeans and well, I have tried on variations and I look like a pear(the fruit) with legs! Not appealing. ;) heehee! I wish I could wear them!


Nen said...

I wish I could wear Skinny Jeans... but... ummm... I just can't. I look so odd and feel like a shish-ka-bob!

beka said...

I really like the 1st and last outfits. :) very cute!
ha, my favorite type of skinny jeans are the ones on sale...I only have one pair but they cost a sweet $6;)
AND they don't have the super-squeeze-second-skin factor. LOL.

Marlene said...

No skinny jeans on my knees! Ugh!