Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The beginning of this year was filled with a lot of looking ahead to our trip to India and planning for that. Now that the trip is over and we've been back home 3 weeks, I want to start focusing on other things for this year now. I have some goals and "to do's" I'd like to accomplish.

One is to redecorate portions of our house. Nothing big, mostly paint color changes and shifting around existing decor. We've owned our house for four years now and the living room has been the same paint color since we first painted it (right before moving in). I am ready for change in the living room and other areas that have been the same since then. I love coming across decor inspiration on flickr. I have many ideas saved as flickr favorites. I made a gallery of some of the decor in my favorites list. You can see it here.
1. flickrsource, 2. flickrsource

Another continuing goal is weight loss and getting healthier. I realized I never updated the blog about my weight loss attempt before going to India. I did lose much of the holiday weight I gained, before we left. :) When we were in India, a few people told me I look like I lost weight since last year. And well, in most cases in India, calling someone fat is not considered such an insult. So I was always paranoid about that wondering if someone was going to call me fat in their teasing way, and for them to say I lost weight instead was such a relief! And from the trip they saw me on last, I only weighed a couple pounds less this time, but my body may have changed shape enough to look different. I don't really know!

But now I need to focus better again. I don't diet or deprive myself of everything I like while I try to lose weight. I eat less crappy food(but still end up having some sometimes!) and add in exercise and that seems to be what I need to do. I have to add exercise back in again since coming back from India. I have a goal to lose a certain amount of weight by the time I turn 30 this year at the end of October. It's almost 6 months from now and I'd like to lose 30lbs. That doesn't seem like it'd be too hard, but it will be if I don't stay focused on it. I know I can do it, if I do what I had been doing already.
1. New Year's Healthy Eating(flickrsource)

On another topic, I had shared pictures of my "crafty corner" months ago when it was nice and tidy. Well it got messy over time, of course, so last weekend I made it tidy again! My mom took pictures while my parents were visiting last week. She posted several on her blog and they look cute over there. Take a visit! I will share my own pictures in the future too. I still needed to nicely fold my fabrics that are inside the white shelf when she took pictures. So now that part is done too. Click below to view her blog post.


geschichtenvonkat said...

i feel the same way about losing weight, and i need to lose the same amount. depriving and dieting just doesn't seem realistic so i still eat the not so good stuff at times but watch my portion size and add in exercise. good luck, that is awesome you have already met your first goal before your trip!!

Marlene said...

Have you looked into Weight Watchers? The easiest eating plan out there....I lost 40 pounds in 8 months on it, and have maintained for the most part. (That was 8 years ago). You're right not to deprive yourself, though. That only leads to binge eating.

Artist said...

I like this: she thought she could so she did. Great.

Fallon said...

Love your redecorating inspiration photos! You must same some pics when your done :)