Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grey doesn't have to be gloomy!

The picture above I think I found on an online decor website last year, and had made a blog post about decor inspiration. I still love this picture. I saw it recently on my computer while looking through files and remembered how much I loved it. I wouldn't think I would like grey paint usually, but I love this white and red combo with it!!

I think I want to paint our living room sometime. Right now it's a pale guacamole green color. I like it but it's been almost 4 years with this color and I'd like a change. It'd be hard for me to limit myself to only red and white decor, so I found more inspiration in the pictures below. The red does look awesome in the pictures, but I currently don't have red pieces like these! I do have more cool colors like teal and turquoise in my living room right now, along with the green walls.

1. Olivier's big boy room, 2. turquoise mid-century chairs, 3. bedroom - from apt therapy, 4. light gray walls & red dresser, 5. gray walls, 6. grey walled bedroom


Fallon said...

Much of my house is painted light milky grey and I love it. As a matter of fact I am changing the blue/white in my bedroom next week to grey. Color looks great against it.

Angela said...

I have noticed gray walls on a lot of interior design shows lately. I love it..and it goes with just about any color!

Creative Coquette said...

I've been dreaming of a charcoaly gray dining room with meaty white moldings, white furniture, loads of brushed steel and crystal and pops of turquoise on chairs and drapes and touches of black accents.


beka said...

I really really really love that 1st pic. Hmmmm:)