Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Favorites and New Projects

First, a new favorite of mine from Etsy. A vintage glass jar filled with old thread on wooden spools! I think it's all so cute together. It's $14.5o from CherryStreetVintage, a newer shop.

I also want to talk about my mom's shops. In case anyone visiting the blog hasn't seen her shops yet, you should go take a visit! You'll find items like below.
http://www.etsy.com/shop/considerthelillies &

And finally, some of my recently completed projects:
At the end of April I also had the chance to do a custom order. I had looked around the Alchemy section Etsy, something I hadn't done in a very long time. I came across something that sounded perfect for me to bid on. Make a pillow from a dress. The dress had sentimental value and was too big on her now. A great upcycled project. So I bid to make it for her, and there were already 12 other bids by that point. But, she picked me! And after talking more, we decided on two pillow covers with plain white backings, instead of just one pillow.

Here are some pictures of the before, during, and after!

I got nervous before the first cut into the fabric. This dress was special to someone and I had to cut it up! I literally prayed before the first cut that it would turn out just as she wanted.

When she saw the pictures of the completed pillow covers, she said they were fabulous, so I hope she likes them as much in person! I hope she will give me some feedback. :)


considerthelillies said...

thanks for featuring my shops! I saw those custom pillows in person and they are beautiful! I love the hoop pictures too Stina!

geschichtenvonkat said...

great job on those custom pillows...i always feel so honored to be working on someone's special request!

and i looove those wooden thread spools!

Angela said...

The pillows are great!! I have put in a few bids on alchemy but never with any luck...so way to go on that!

Angela said...

Oh and I have the cutest headband from your mom's shop!