Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I want to buy!

So yesterday I talked about some things I bought. Now I want to talk about things I'd like to buy! I don't know if I will buy them all, but they are on my "I want" list!

Ikea recently added more fabric designs in their fabric section. I'd have to go to Ikea to get them, and I guess I haven't been there in a few months now. I need to go there again! Maybe one Saturday soon.

Fun designs!! I'd love to make pillow covers from them and who knows what else.

Also is a cute curtain panel on the bottom right. $14.99 for a pair! I don't know if I would actually need them but they are pretty.

And look at this sweet magnet!
"Laundry Day" magnet $3.95 from bluedogrose.

I have much more but that's all I will post for now.


Chana said...

Dying over that magnet! So cute! The fabrics are beautiful, cool inspiration! I say get it all! Haha!

considerthelillies said...

those Ikea fabrics are soooo nice! Maybe next time I am down we can go!

cabin + cub said...

They have such nice fabrics at Ikea... I wish I knew how to sew better!!! ;)

Chelsea Robbins said...

the little houses are adorable.