Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vintage Thurs: Black & Carpet Bags

1. 50's Black Dress $40.00; 2. Needlepoint Locket $38.00; 3. Black Leather Mary Janes size 10 $17.00!

I saw this black dress and loved the look of it along with the hair and makeup of the model - plus the cool old car in the background! An awesome photo that captures the retro/vintage era. Pair it with black mary jane heels. These ones are size 10 for us big footers! :P

Then one thing led to another and I ended up looking at tapestry/carpet bags and thought of Mary Poppins. And doesn't the above girl in the black dress look like a more edgy version of Mary Poppins? So I put the needlepoint/tapestry looking locket in the outfit above to kind of start the theme! Mary Poppins was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and I still love that movie. I loved when she took out a lamp and other big things from her carpet bag. I wanted it to be real, I wanted a real bag like that! I found some bags that hint to that idea.

1.Vintage needlepoint clutch $20.00; 2. 60's floral carpet bag $24.00; 3. Multicolored Large Carpet Bag $38.00


beka said...

Ohhhh yeah.
I definitely love that dress. And the heels are kinda like my fav pair I own...
:) Lovely!!

p.s. Every time I come to your blog, that header makes me happy:) Random, I know!

Fallon said...

You have the greatest collage themes! Love this one =)

Angela said...

You have the best taste!

lila said...

I definitely love that dress and the vintage clutch...your blog is fabulous!

ODE TO JUNE said...

Oh, I really do dream of owning a real Mary Poppin's bag - this blog post may put me on the hunt!