Friday, October 8, 2010

Cruise Part 2

So we reached Cozumel last Saturday October 2nd after a really nice time at sea. The weather was perfect. Hot enough to want to swim, but in the shade the breezes were so nice you didn't feel hot at all. It's hard to capture the water's color with a camera.

As I expected, this port area is completely catered to tourists. I didn't feel like I was in a really different place. We got a taxi down near the road below after passing the shop areas in the picture above.
It was easy to get a taxi. If you happen to go there and need a taxi, just ask the price before you get into the taxi. There is no running meter, there are set amounts depending on where you are going. For up to 4 people it was $10, for us it was $13 since my son made five, though sat on a lap.
After a ten minute drive we were at Chankanaab National Park.
We walked around some trails before going to the beach. We saw their pretty lagoon area.
We saw two iguanas while walking around. The trails were pretty well shaded and very tropical looking. We saw replicas of Mayan ruins too. The beach area was beautiful and relaxing. The water in shades from light aqua to dark turquoise. And not crowded there!
First I snorkeled with my sister Jenny and friend Rachel. My husband took a distant picture of us girls getting into the water.
While we took the first turn snorkeling, my husband relaxed on a wooden beach chair under a (free) grass covered cabana while my son played in the sand. And they loved every minute of it!
You use steps to get into the water for snorkeling since it gets a few feet deep right away. There was a small sloped beach area for people to swim in as well. Below is me and my hubby snorkeling. The water was very choppy, you can't tell in the pictures. That really made it hard! Us gals had snorkeled in the past on trips in high school.
It was my husband's first time, which is why he let us gals go first to see how we do it before trying himself. Had the water been more calm, I would have liked to stay out there for a long time. My friend snapped the shot below with an underwater disposable camera.
These fish were swimming near us at different times!

I wrote a long review about our time at the park, click the link above if you want to read it! And there are a few different pictures there too.

We left the park in the late afternoon so that we would have time to shop back at the port area before getting on our ship again. The ship was in Cozumel from 8am to 7pm, and we needed to be back on the ship by 6:30pm.

I had to take a picture of the Starbucks there!

Our ship at Cozumel.

What we saw as we were walking on the long dock back to our ship:
A beautiful things to see at the end of a beautiful day! We only wish we had more time there.
We were back on the ship around 6pm. The next day we were at sea again. I took pictures of the ship from the top, near the front.

I took soooo many pictures! I'd love to share even more but don't want to clog up the blog too much. If I can get them on a website with an easy link to share, I can post that here.

Oh- about the giveaway! I didn't say when I would pick the winner. I think I will do that by Tuesday. :)


Marlene said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time. The beach pictures are so serene. Love it.

Angela said...

This makes me want to go back!!!

lucythevaliant said...

That water looks so gorgeous!