Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My birthday was very nice. We went out to eat for dinner as planned at Carrabba's. I had delicious food and we ate dessert called "Chocolate Dream". It is very dreamy!

Today I used some birthday money to go to Old Navy and buy myself a new pair of jeans - Skinny jeans! They aren't as fitted as jeggings/leggings. They fit nicely, the "sweetheart" line of jeans there. I already had those in straight leg/boot cut. I don't feel skinny in the jeans though. And I am bummed out I didn't reach my losing weight goals before turning 30. I guess now I just need to accomplish my goals while being 30. I'm tired of wanting to edit out my arms in pictures that I don't like. Or only liking certain angles. I'd like to take full outfit pictures to post here once in awhile but I never like any enough to share!

I got another Etsy bday gift in the mail today, from a friend who sent the tea towel. It's a cute, ceramic, owl tea bag holder in Khaki. :)


Nen said...

ahhh.. the skinny jean.. you are a brave one!! i feel like i'm too short to wear them... i feel like i'd look like a marshmallow on a stick! haha!

i do the same things with pics... you are not alone!

glad you had a nice evening with your boys! :) that dessert sounds good!!

beka said...

Sounds like a lovely time, dear:)
Some skinny jeans are good, tolerable, and maybe even wonderful. But a lot of them can be/are horrid. :)

Angela said...

Don't know why I didn't leave it here - but I left a comment for you in my comments.