Friday, October 22, 2010

Scatter brained

Today I feel very scatter brained! It's mostly for good reasons.

I sold more jewelry on Etsy yesterday but I ran out of small, padded envelopes to mail them in. I need to go buy some. I also ran out of printer ink a couple weeks ago and have been avoiding buying it because it's feels like so much money to spend on ink. I need to order some off of ebay instead of going to the store for it. But that means I have been using stamps or need to to go the post office to mail Etsy things instead of printing it at home and sticking it right in my mailbox. So much more convenient to print at home!

These earrings have been selling well:

I only had 2 pair of black and 2 pair of white and they are sold. I have sold 6 pairs of the minty roses but I have a couple more left. Today I had to order more of these supplies.

There is also a messy house around me and dirty laundry. But I ran out of laundry detergent. And I feel tired out and don't feel like getting myself and Kavi all the way ready to go to stores. I need to just go by myself later after my husband gets home from work so I can get it done faster.

The weekend ahead is going to be very fun! My birthday is Tuesday and as part of my bday present my parents gave me money(along with the new cute boots) to go to a concert. I heard of this concert not long ago and thought "oh, I wanna go!!". I haven't been to a "real" concert in many years now. I used to go to little concerts all the time with occasional big ones. But not much since getting married. So I am excited! We are seeing Jars of Clay. If you want to hear what they sound like, here is just one example of newer stuff from them:

And there are various fall things to do if we want to this weekend. There is a corn maze in a town not far very away. There is also a little carnival going on 10 minutes away that comes every year at this time. They also have music and food there.

I am not used to having so many plans in a short amount of time these days!

So like I said, it's mostly for good reasons that I feel scatter brained!


Nen said...

i haven't had printer ink in months because my husband doesn't want to pay for it! it's driving me crazy!! maybe i can convince him to check ebay for cheaper! i would order it myself.. but i'm sure i'd order the wrong thing! you're probably spending more $ driving to the post office to mail your items than if you'd just buy the ink! haha

i didn't realize Jars of Clay were still together! cool! have a great time!!

Angela said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend. Jars of Clay is a good band! I know you will enjoy that concert!

Congrats on all those sales!! I am very happy for you - your stuff is so cute so I am not at all surprised!

beka said...

Ah! So excited you get to go to their concert:)
They came pretty close to us this last Saturday, but we were busy.
Funny thing was, I was listening to Jars of Clay--old school--all that afternoon and night:)

lolo said...

Wow... Congrats on your sales! You have beautiful jewelry! I don't know the band but they sound pretty good. Have fun over there!