Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog designing

Since I recently redid some things on the blog, I wanted to share where I got the ideas from/how you do it.

I got the picture frames background from here, in the 3 column section:

You can browse and click on them to see a larger version.

All you have to do to use one is click "install background" next to one that you like, then copy all the html code. A fast way to select all the info in one box is to hold down ctrl and press A to select all, then press ctrl C to copy it all. You may think that sounds complicated but once you get the hang of it, it saves you a LOT of hassle with copy/pasting and such. To paste what you copied, hold down ctrl and then V.

ctrl A = Select all
crtl C = Copy
ctrl V = Paste
ctrl Z = Undo
ctrl Y = Redo

Let's say you are typing a paragraph and you accidentally hit the wrong keys and your paragraph is deleted!! That's happened to me. Try holding down ctrl and pressing Z and it should undo the accidental delete.

Once you have your html copied, go into your blog design/layout settings and click "add a gadget". When a new window opens for that, click the + next to "html/Javascript". Then paste your copied html from shabbyblogs into that new box, click save...and your blog should then have the background.

I got the typewriter I used from here, in the freebies section:

I then used to add text on the typewriter. Then I thought of making the picture have a larger white border on one side, using the old school paint program from windows. (on your computer you go to start menu, click programs, accessories, then paint) Then I opened the photo back up in and added the other words. Might sound complicated but once you try it, it's not too bad!

You simply upload your created photo into the layout settings of your blog, in the header section.


beka said...

Ah!! Brilliant!
I heart doing ctrl/c and v.
They're some of my best friends. Hahah:)

Angela said...

Aw you are a sweetie!! Aubrey is leaving again on Sunday to go to Maryland for 2 more weeks - so I will use some of that time (using your tips) making a cute blog :)

So sweet of you to share your skills!