Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Good & The Bad

Today was the craft fair! I have good and bad to share.

The Good:
It was my first experience doing one! I am now more prepared for future fairs.
Having a nice time with my mom and friend Nancy.
The weather was good!
I did sell some things!
I bought a wooden jelly cabinet sold by another vendor.

The Bad:
It was 90%(or more??) retirees. Florida retirees. A demographic not very interested in my kind of items.
I only sold a few things.
The amount of $ I made did not really make up the hours spent preparing.

But now if I do another craft fair, a lot of my ideas will already exist and it will take a lot less time getting ready. So I learned a lot in that way! So it was good and bad at the same time. :)

Setting up the table and also a bench with my pillows was fun.

So here is the general idea for set up while at home the past couple days:
And this is how it all looked today:

Our friend Nancy, who was there selling next to me, let me borrow this pretty bench from her house to display my pillows on. :) My mom helped me a lot. She made the little flag banners for me last night with paper, stencils, and a marker. She let me use something for displaying earrings too.

It was a good day overall, despite not many customers. Next time, I'd like to find a fair with younger attendees. :P


Angela said...

Sorry to hear that :( Your booth looks absolutely fantastic though and I love the embroidery hoop idea for displaying the necklaces.

I did a craft fair about a year and a half ago in June- it was so hot that day!! My booth cost over $100, we went the night before and got a hotel so that was about $60 more - not counting gas, food... and I made one $20 sale! As you can see, I have not quite gotten over it yet.

Angela said...

oh and that $20 sale was on ProPay (the credit card service I signed up and paid for just for the show) I never could figure out how to get my $20 and this June - since I didn't renew my ProPay they charged "fees" every month until they got my $20 anyway :(

beka said...

Oh and Ah...
I LOVE all the different pillows!
So cute:)

Fallon said...

I love your set up! Hopefully you will have better luck next time =)

Nen said...

i have the same problem... my items don't necessarily match up with the people browsing. a bit disappointing... i'm hoping to go to more artsy fairs (currently, i only go to one fall fest a year(.... i'm sure you'll be able to find some too!

geschichtenvonkat said...

sorry you didn't have more sales, bummer! but sounds like it was a good experience and that will be invaluable when you get to one where you are crazy busy and selling like hotcakes :)

love the bunting and the bench with your pillows, great job on the display!