Monday, October 11, 2010

Anthropologie inspiration (again)

Anthropologie catalogs are always so beautifully shot! They are always good for fashion and home decor inspiration.

The clothing is priced much higher than I am willing to spend, but they definitely sell some awesome pieces to admire.

Here are some shots/outfits from the last few catalogs that I think are so pretty.

I don't live up to my own expectations for fashion for myself, and I'd like to more often! I know what I wear is not of extreme importance in daily life, especially since I don't have an office job I go to where I have to dress a certain way. And being a mom is a job where I can wear jeans every day, but I still like fashion.

I know newer mothers may evoke various images. Spit up stains on shoulders, crazy hair, yoga/stretchy pants out everywhere. Well in the very beginning, those things are hard to avoid at times as a new mom! But I generally like to wear something that I feel better in when I go out and about. Since I don't have reasons at home to wear cute things all the time, I like being able to not feel too "shlumpy" when I go out even to the store. And that's why I like looking at these kinds of things for inspiration. It's fun!


beka said...

I looooove how they shoot them!!
Lovely pieces, too!

Angela said...

I have never been there but would love to go! I am pretty frumpy and I am at a weird spot right now. My work clothes before were just jean and tees because I had to wear something easy for food and grease stains. Now that I am not going to smell like food all day everyday I want to dress cuter but I can't rationalize spending money on cute stuff when I am just going to be in my house all day anyway. When I do get out it is to got to an auction or estate sale where I need to be able to dig and get dirty - so there I am at jeans and tees again.

geschichtenvonkat said...

o how i love anthro. the one in georgetown (dc) had the best displays..i walked in and just fell in love! well, and went a bit broke on them, haha. now i live vicariously through the catalogs since i'm in jeans and a t shirt everyday working from home too!

Vanessa said...

That last photo of the blanket with the rocks in the foreground... I want to live there and dress like I belong there all the time!