Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Giveaway Winner!


It's time to announce the winner of the improv, surprise giveaway!

To pick a winner, I wrote down the names of who entered on small pieces of paper and double folded them. I put them in a little bowl and then turned my head while mixing them up.
After mixing a few times I quickly picked one randomly.

Congratulations to Melissa of Oh, My Darling!

You are the winner! :)

I have your email address so I will send you an email as well.

I have the sniffles. Runny nose, sore throat, tired. I wanted to talk about more today but I think I will keep it on hold until tomorrow. Hopefully I will feel more energetic by then! I have a lot of craft fair prep to do too. I am probably over thinking it since it's my first one, but I want it to be good!


Angela said...

Uh oh --- I hope you feel better soon! Drink some OJ and get in bed - you do not need to be sick for the show!

(Congrats, Melissa!)

beka said...

Feel better, dear!
Tea, OJ, whatever sounds good... :)
Get some rest if you can:)

Oh, My Darling said...

Yay! Thanks!!!