Monday, October 18, 2010

Fashion Inspiration

Just a mix of things!

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So, I got boots last Friday! Something I wanted to have for Fall/Winter even though I am in Florida. I am not sure if I have owned boots before. I can't remember if I had any form of boot when I was a kid. Last year I had admired some boots at Target for awhile but trying them on was such a hassle that I gave up.

This year they have similar boots again. I am not sure if they made them a little different this because I got some onto my feet! I did have to go up one size, which means giant foot size 11. I wear size 10, or so I thought. At Target and Old Navy I always have to get an 11. Like I said, big feet! ugh. It makes finding cute shoes that fit a real job.

My parents were here and we all went to Target together and they bought these for me as part of an early birthday present. (B-day not until Oct 26, I'll be 30!! ah!)

Now I just need it to not be in the 80's outside so I can wear them without sweating. But that might be asking too much of Florida. But I will wear these out, sometime soon.

Oh, I forgot to say...I assume some might notice the blog looking different! I hope it looks good to you all. I wanted to make it less flowery but still have a vintage lover's look.


Nen said...

i TOTALLY used to have boots like that (without the ruffles) when i was growing up! they were black though!

love your new headers!

Angela said...

I love the new look of the blog! I always want to change mine up but I don't know how to do stuff like that :( So I am limited to the free background things...

Anyway, LOVE those boots!! I know what you mean about the heat - I am so friggin sick of it and want it to become Fall already!!

beka said...

I clicked on the bar that was your blog...
and fell in love:)
Ah, so cool!
I adore the new look, Christina:)
And that header??? SO cute. :)

considerthelillies said...

what what??? your blog looks so cute! I love the typewriter and the backround!!

considerthelillies said...

what what??? your blog looks so cute! I love the typewriter and the backround!!

geschichtenvonkat said...

love the new look and header!!!

Nancy said...

Your new blog design looks great!