Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Etsy birthday presents!

I'm a real, live 30 year old today! So far it feels good. :) I have received many sweet birthday wishes on facebook and elsewhere.

Tonight after my husband gets home from work we are going out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - Carrabba's.

I love getting/giving Etsy gifts for holidays and am blessed that my mom, sister and some friends really like Etsy too so they want to buy from there. So far I have gotten three Etsy gifts from my favorites list. I hear more are coming! That's so nice.

My husband gave me money to spend, a bouquet of daisies and a card but to add something personal he picked something I had on my Etsy favorites. My favorites list is longer than it used to be so I hinted that I always love soap/bath related things on my list since I don't often buy them for myself, to help him easily narrow it down haha. He picked a good one! Brown sugar spice - sugar polishing cubes from beaconcreations:
They smell soooo good, can't wait to use them! I thought he might have gotten me soap because I happened to get the mail the day it came in and it felt kinda like a soap package! But I was even happier when I saw it was actually the sugar scrub. He let me open it last night. :P

My sister and a friend asked about things I wanted from Etsy. And like I said my favorites list has gotten longer (and more confusing) to pick from so I sent links for a bunch of items that I really liked the most.

This was one of them! I am soo happy I actually got this, my good friend Rachel had it sent. You may have seen Leah Duncan's shop already but if you haven't, check it out!
This is a tea towel! It's really big! I loved the print on it. And I might actually frame it for living room decor. :) I don't want to wipe anything kitchen related on it! I had even used it as inspiration in a treasury a little awhile ago here. I just knew I had to have it. I also read the artist's blog freshlychopped.

Also I mentioned to my sister I like earrings with the color black on them, since I was lacking that, and liked the crocheted look. These were on my favorites list too! I got them last Saturday and wore them to the concert. :)
earrings from yvoCrochet :)


Angela said...

Happy Birthday my dear blog friend!! I love all of your Etsy gifts - that is what I always ask for too!

beka said...

Cute earrings:)
Happy birthday, dear!!
Lovely etsy stuff. Ohmyword, those brown sugar cubes look (and i'm sure smell) amazing:)

freshlychopped said...

happy 30th! so glad you like your towel! : )

Nen said...

just now catching up on reading blogs!

that sugar scrub looks good enough to eat... i bet it feels good to use... and makes you smell yummy!!! i love getting spending money--normally i don't have much to just go buy whatever i want!

cool towel and earrings... :)