Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have so much I have wanted to write about, but when I get ready to start a post, my motivation would disappear. I am still getting over being sick, but tonight I feel a big improvement thank God! Thanks for the well wishes. :)

I wanted to share about decor things and plans for my son's room again. Then I wanted to do the usual Vintage Thursday that I love doing. But the idea of copy/pasting pictures or uploading them and putting links on them made my already fuzzy head feel even more fuzzy.

So it's just writing today, no pictures!

I have been doing so much to prepare for the craft fair that's on Saturday. I still need to finish seams on a couple more pillows. My parents are here which is a big help. My mom has been helping me figure out the display ideas. I will definitely take pictures! Now I am just hoping I sell things! The big fear of not selling one single item has crossed my mind from time to time! (haha) I guess it's the first craft show jitters, right? But I can't wait!


Nen said...

have a great time with your parents!!

good luck at your craft show!!!! :) you'll have to fill us in! i would like to sign up for some... but i'm too nervous! wish i had someone to go with! maybe someday!

Angela said...

I can't wait to hear all about it! Take baby wipes with you - which you probably already have since you have a baby :)

Don't forget to go to the bank to get change today.

Wear layers so you can peel off clothes as it gets warmer.

Have fun!! I will come back over if I can help think of anything else...

Angela said...

Thinking about you today and hoping you are selling a ton!! It is a hot one here today so I hope it is not so bad there. Can't wait to hear the details!