Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Little Boy

I am proud of my little boy! We started potty training for real on September 13th. We had his "music playing potty" since he turned 2 years old last February, but he wasn't really into it besides using it as a step stool(it's made for that too!) or just sitting on it, with no potty action.

Now, a month and a week after starting, he is fully daytime potty trained! I guess because he was a little over 2 1/2 years old when we started, which some think is late and some think is early(I say, who cares) he had a better ability to tell us when he needed to go than if he was a lot younger. But every kid is different. He had some anxiety with going #2 on the potty for the first 2 weeks or so. It faded on the cruise somehow. He started getting used to going #2 on an adult potty. So now he can go anywhere! Home, stores, friends' houses. He hasn't had an accident in a couple weeks now. As for overnight, I am not expecting that to be conquered anytime soon. Although his diaper is dry in the morning more than 50% of the time. His brain is remembering the process of holding it in, even while asleep. But it takes a lot longer I hear.

I recently bought some items for decorating more in his room. I still want to paint the walls. We'll see. To be honest, he doesn't even sleep in there most of the time. I want it to be cuter so he will want to be in there more.

He sleeps in his crib in our room, a lot. He can sleep on a twin bed, he has many times before, but he wouldn't sleep through the night. We tried that for awhile. He sleeps better in his crib still. But soon we will rearrange all of that. It's convenient for when my family members visit. They sleep in his room, he sleeps in ours. Did you know that in Indian culture, children usually sleep in the same bed or room as their parents for years before moving to their own room?(if they get their own room at all)

So it seems like we are mixing that in to the usual American way. Kavi has rarely slept all night in his room alone. Sometimes that is frustrating, but I am sure things will progress naturally. His room will have to become more his room. It already has cute kid stuff in there, but not as much as I'd like.

Back to the decor...
We got a red shelf from Ikea ($5.99 shelf + 1.00 for two brackets), I also got a big red frame(1.99), and then I bought a letter K (vintage) from Angela's awesome vintage shop Ginger's Girl. Last Saturday at the craft fair, my mom bought a pirate ship bird house! And she let Kavi have it to add to his new shelf.

So we kind of have a mixed decor theme! haha A ship, and robots, and other animals. Who says you can't like all of them in the room at the same time? I even found some pirate robot items on Etsy, how perfect. I haven't bought them, just eyeing them.

Currently on the new shelf, to be probably rearranged:

I was looking for art on Etsy to add to his new red frame. The thing is, it can fit a letter size paper in it, so it's not really made for an 8x10. I also had the idea after looking around Etsy, for pages from old childrens' books to be in the frame. Or vintage school posters. One in Hindi(my husband's language from India) would be perfect to add to the mix.

Otherwise, things like these could work:
printable PDF counting chart $5

Cute Fox and His Boy print $12.00

Oooh just found this:
Reading a book print $20

Robot print $20

But, I don't really want to spend $20....hmmm. I will first look for other options. I should check out thrift stores for old kids' books.


beka said...

LOVE the decor.
Gosh he's such a cutie!
That's wonderful the potty-training is going good!!
I like how you're tweaking the blog's look...it's a bit softer than full-on white, if I'm guessing the changes correctly;)

p.s.....do you think you could go in your comment moderation and take off the word verification? Hehe.

considerthelillies said...

oh that little sweetheart!!! I miss him soooo!
Mom :)

Angela said...

Aw good for him!! My little nephew will be 3 in December and they have been working on him for a while now. I feel bad for him because his one on one training got interrupted while they were renovating the restaurant and he is sort of back at square one now...but he will learn.

Your little K looks cute! Love that pirate ship too!

Nen said...

good idea with the vintage book pages to frame!

i read in a book that there are some people who train their kids to use the potty when they are infants! some weird way of holding the baby while you're on the pot. no joke! i think kids are ready at different times... my nephew still wears a pull-up at night "just in case" (though most of the time, he's dry) and he is 4. sounds like Kavi's getting the hang of it! :)