Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vintage Thursday: Tea time

Tea Please 8 x 8 Print from CocoShack

We will be going to Alabama for Thanksgiving this year, and the weather should be chilly during that time! Two years ago when we went for Thanksgiving, I stayed a little longer than my husband and dranks lots and lots of tea and hot chocolate at night to keep warm.

Ronnie's new tea cabinet (Ikea) for his collection

It was very chilly and cold feeling at night, and I had so many cups of tea to warm up! That's when my love for Twining's decaf English Breakfast tea started. I like plain tea usually, no flavors for me. No lemon, mint or other flavor tea. But I love that English Breakfast tea. They have it in our Target, where it's the lowest price out of all the other stores including Walmart! It's great for night time since it's decaf.
Vintage Blue Enameled Tin Teapot
I love the look of enamel teapots/kettles.

Cherry Enamelware teapot by Finel $24

How about one coffee pot too? ;)
Blue Enamelled Vintage European Coffee Pot $28

If anyone has any suggestions of what kind of vintage items you'd like to me feature in the coming weeks, please leave a comment! Sometimes I am just not sure what to feature while other times I have an idea in mind right away. What would you like to see?


Angela said...

I think I am going to mix up a batch of spiced tea - always good to have on hand for winter. I have been chilly here most mornings and nights this week.

Are you staying longer this time too?

As far as the vintage items- I love them all :)

geschichtenvonkat said...

i have a big ole tin of Twining's decaf english breakfast of my favorites! am feeling a little covetous of all those cute enamel teapots too :)

beka said...

Oh goodness, I LOVE that first picture--the print?? Adorable!!
Quite inspiring:)

jordiegirl said...

Thanks for stopping by my card making blog and commenting.

Your blog is very interesting.

I'm English and prefer my tea plain with just milk added, no lemon etc for me either.

Oh, My Darling said...

Teapots have such a great aesthetic!!!

Also, I received the package from the other week -- thanks so much, I was delighted to see the goodies in it!!! It totally made my day - thank you!