Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gift ideas

Over the next month I think I will sporadically share gift ideas. Things that I would want to get, or would want to buy for the people in my life. And of course, they will be affordable ideas!

Below: All $12 and UNDER!
Diary Decor Tin case filled with photo sticker $7.80; The Reader 8x10 print Free Shipping! $12
Botanical Bird Bottle Cap Magnets set of three $5.50; 2011 Mini Calendar for tree lovers $3.50

Romanza lace earrings $7; Golden Leaves earrings $10 (from me!)
Glittering Green and Gold earrings $10; Upcycled Lace earrings $8


Angela said...

looking forward to all the gift ideas!

Fallon said...

Those photo stitckers are great and how can one pass them up for just $7?

I wanted to thank you for your kind words on Jasper, It means a lot to have support =)

Bridget said...

love the leaf earrings!