Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vintage Thursday: Curvy Cats

Often the cute vintage clothing items on Etsy that catch my eye are sized small or extra small. While they are fun to look at, they seem unrealistic for many people to actually wear!

So I went looking for items that were labeled plus size or XL or up. A pet peeve of mine after searching for them a few times, is items labeled plus size that are absolutely NOT, being modeled on a skinny girl. Another pet peeve is when the item really is a larger size, but is still being modeled on a skinny girl, wearing a belt to make the waist look smaller. I understand the people listing the items might not have someone, who the outfits would actually fit, available to wear the outfit for their Etsy pictures. It's much better though if we can see how the items fit the women in that size.

I came across so many that annoyed me because of that, or lied and said they were plus size when they weren't. But I didn't want to post those since it could be a direct insult to a specific shop or person, which I wouldn't want to do. (I don't even remember which shops they were anyway)

But here are some items I came up with.

The first is a green gingham dress from CurvyCatsVintage, and darn I just looked and the dress already sold! But take a look around their shop. :)

Next is a really cute 60's plaid dress from foreverlovelyvintage XL/XXL $50
it has a free waist that can be taken in by using a belt like in this photo

This one is a simple but pretty yellow sweater shirt $20 from SpanoVintage
From the same shop as the yellow sweater, a 50's navy colored dress. $40

And guess what? I made my first Etsy vintage clothing purchase!!! A shirt was on sale for $9 with free shipping, so how could I not buy it and try it out? It's from the shop brickhousevintage. It's a nautical navy shirt with white tie. I am sure I can tie that into a little bow or something. I hope I get it before next Wednesday so I can try it before going away to Alabama for a couple weeks. :)
Here is a dress from their that shop I like:
A pure silk dress. $34


beka said...

My goodness, those first two are my favorites:) They're all pretty!

Angela said...

Yip Yip Lets here it for us girls with some booty!!

Cute picks!!

Oh- and warning- you will get addicted now that you have purchased something... (set yourself some goals and stick with them - this will keep you from temptation!)

geschichtenvonkat said...

yup, whenever i am looking at vintage on etsy i get super annoyed that people list something that is like a size 8/10 as XL or plus size. nope, i am looking for clothes with REAL curves here folks, hehe!

Nen said...

totally with you on how annoying it is that they use skinny models for plus size clothes.... i also hate when they use mannequins where everything is "perfect"... then when you actually try the clothing on... it looks nothing like you thought it would!!