Friday, November 5, 2010

First day of Fall...for me

Here in Florida, the weather took a turn for cooler temperatures overnight. Today the high will only be mid 60's, compared to 80's just 2 days ago. This cool weather will last a couple of days, then it's back into the low 80's for us. So I have to enjoy it while it's here!! Does that mean I can wear my boots today without sweating?? I think so!

I almost don't know what else to wear today because I wasn't really prepared to go from 80's to 60's in such a short amount of time! I know it's not exactly cold enough for a scarf or hat, but doesn't cooler weather make you start thinking about those things?

I am loving my mom's newer items in her shop, I want to give her some promotion!! It's my younger sister(and only sibling) wearing these for the pictures. :) Lovey, right!?

Those are wood buttons made from branches! My dad helped my mom out with that.

Go check out her shop Considerthelillies! :)

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Angela said...

Your mom has such a cute shop and I wear my blue flower headband all the time! I am a little sad that my hair is cut too short for it right now but I will have it back in there in about 2 weeks I am sure.

Yay for Fall!! It surprised me yesterday as well. I was in a tee shirt and kept feeling cold in my house. I thought it was just me until I walked out to the mailbox and realized "sweater weather" was finally here!!