Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another ode to Autumn

It's still warm here, no surprise I guess? But now that it's November, a very autumn feeling month, anything related to it makes me feel happy. Despite the fact that we accidentally bought fat free creamer for our coffee, which is almost like adding nothing to coffee in my opinion, I am having a nice pretend autumn morning.

Here are some Etsy items that make me think of Autumn:


Angela said...

That jacket is so pretty! I know just the person who needs that deer brooch too.

Know what you mean about the creamer. On accident I have put fat free ranch dressing in my cart before - ugh!

considerthelillies said...

I want I want I need!

beka said...

That pocket clutch is ADORABLE.
Oh, bleh, fat-free creamer?!?! Dad brings home whole in WHOLE milk. Hehehhe. We have this joke with friends who buy store-bought, vitamin D milk: our milk is like half-and-half. It's really not, but it's got a good ratio and is delicious in coffee. :)