Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's here!

The day of the trip, it's here!

I am leaving in the afternoon today to head to Alabama. I am very excited!

I have been up to a lot over the past couple of days. First, on Sunday we went to my cousin's house, about 25 minutes away in a different town, for a pretend Thanksgiving! Me and my cousin wanted to have a pre-Thanksgiving with us and our other relatives in the area. We didn't really make anything traditional. There was too much food, as usual, since everyone brought multiple things. We had lasagna, perogies, salad, homemade bread, pumpkin soup, thai veggies, kabobs, two Indian dishes(we brought), pumpkin cookies, pecan pumpkin pie(I bought it at a store hehe). Everything was soooo good. Of course I can't wait for some traditional Thanksgiving food too!

Then I had to do some sewing and then wanted to put up the Christmas tree before leaving! Since I will be gone over 2 weeks, I wanted my tree up before I get back. Our house is nice and festive now.
I felt slightly overwhelmed at getting things done before leaving today. I am sure even as this posts, I will be hurriedly finishing up last minute things. I am a big time procrastinator whenever it comes to things I have to do for myself. Last minute rushing! My clothes are pretty much packed but there are always odds and ends I have to run around grabbing. I makes lists too, but the rush still happens.


Angela said...

Have fun in Alabama!!

beka said...

Oooh, decorating all under way! Beautiful:)
Have a lovely trip!

Fallon said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip!

geschichtenvonkat said...

beautiful christmas decor!