Saturday, November 6, 2010

Amazing handmade finds

Today I decided to go out alone for a little awhile and check out some craft and holiday bazaars going on at different churches and community buildings. It's that time of year where there are lots going on! In this area, a lot of the population is retirees. (You know, this area is filled with people from other places, mostly from up north like my family. We are a little North in the South!) Sometimes the stuff at these things is "old ladyish" in the very tacky way. So you just don't know what to expect! We often seem to lack the cool, old antique things. You have to go to the older towns for that stuff.

I didn't leave my house until 11:30am or so, with some of these ending by 1pm or 2pm, not a lot of time to spare! I drove past one church and it looked like nothing was going on anymore so I didn't stop. I drove to the next place and saw plenty of cars still there so I went inside. I was pleasantly surprised! The first thing I saw that I considered getting, if nothing else, was a cute Christmas kitchen towel.

It was mostly older ladies in there, the shoppers and volunteers, and this was geared towards Christmas decor and almost all handmade items. They also were selling baked goods. The way this bazaar worked was that different women(I suspect mostly older ladies) in the church made things and donated them to be sold as a fundraiser for a womens' group in the church. So people weren't doing this for profit. And so many of the prices were low. In fact, I was completely stunned at the price of a funky quilt hanging up that I liked. First I thought, is this actually newly made? Is this maybe used/vintage? I actually sniffed it, and it smelled new. That was before I asked a nice older lady about everything, who told me how they were all made by women in the church. The quilt was only $10!! I felt like skipping!

Here is my funky, retro looking, but NEW handmade quilt!! $10!

It's not big enough to cover an entire bed. I guess it would cover a twin bed but not hang over the sides. I got it more for decor purposes and to use when we have chilly nights, while sitting on the couch or to put over our thinner blanket at night.

So then I went quilt crazy!! The next one is a baby quilt. For $6!!! And it's for a baby girl. I don't have a baby girl. But did that stop me? NO!! haha I really want to keep it too. But it could be a gift. I am not sure. $6! 35" x 39"

This next one was called a "doll quilt", or at least the pile I got it from said that. Whether that means it's for a doll or not, I have no idea. But I know it can be used to hang, or put on a table. It was $2.50.

And my one actual Christmas related purchase, a kitchen towel for $1.50
So I got all of that for $20! And it's all newly made! This will sound a little crazy, but when I walked out of the building with all of this stuff for $20, I almost felt like crying(I didn't hehe). I guess because the ladies made these things with no profit to gain, and the quilts were priced so low...and after knowing what kind of prices those might go for on Etsy, I just felt amazed.

Oh, I forgot. I thought I would share a picture here for now of me, in my "skinny" jeans(that aren't really tight enough at the ankles, so they puff out of my boots). This was yesterday when I was excited about the cooler weather. I didn't end up wearing the boots out because I don't like the puff above the top of them from these jeans.


beka said...

Lovely quilt, my goodness!
Very cute jeans, dear:)

Angela said...

How cute are you in the skinny jeans and boots?!

BTW the first quilt made me drool...llllllooove! it!!!

I know the crying feeling. I get it sometimes when I leave an estate sale :) and sometimes when I leave the mall with a really cute outfit :) Or when I opened my mailbox yesterday :o

Ray said...

I liked my handsome grandson under one of the ready to hug and kiss him over thanksgiving holiday!!!